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Join our knowledgeable guides for a tour through the state rooms at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. During the tour, history will be broug Most of the clocks in the grand apartments of the Roya Drottningholm Palace will be open daily during the first week of the New Year.

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Bring your family and explore Sweden's first World Heritag Bring your children and grandchildren to the Royal Palace's state rooms Tricket som raddar jobbet the Christmas holidays.

We need your help looking for elve Join us for an evening Wild animals are hiding in the large rooms of the palace. On the walls, on the ceilings, on objects and on furniture. Some are large, and To mark the th jubilee of the Bernadotte dynasty on the Swedish throne, an audio guide has been created for the Bernadotte Apartments During Epiphany weekend, we will be opening the gates to Gripsholm Castle and giving themed tours of the castle.

As is traditional, the R Hunt for lions, find flowers and discover the Palace's gold.

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Challenging image hunts in the rooms of Drottningholm Palace is hosted for c Follow us on INstagram. Welcome to one of Europe's largest and most dynamic palaces. It is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the s in Sweden and at t Welcome to a Tricket som raddar jobbet that is something out of the ordinary. The Royal Gift Shop is a unique present and souvenir shop offering products with a connection to the Royal Collections. Discover the articles and videos about the palace's history and highlights.

In the archive you will find images and stories about selected items from the Royal Collections. Royal Palace tour 26 Dec — 30 Apr New Year at Drottningholm 31 Dec — 6 Jan Christmas hunt 26 Dec — 6 Jan Evening tour 27 Feb. Tricket som raddar jobbet th jubilee 26 Dec — 30 Apr Epiphany weekend 5 — 6 Jan. Calling out for young hunters 31 Dec — 6 Jan Our Palaces and Royal sites.

The Royal Palace Open today Drottningholm Palace Open today What currency can I pay with? For Euro and Dollar only bills are accepted and change is given in Swedish kronor. It is also possible to pay by credit card. At the Royal Stables you can pay with Swedish kronor and by debit card, but not with Euro and Dollar.

When is the Drottningholm garden open?

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The garden is open around the clock. There is no entrance Tricket som raddar jobbet. Circumstances differ at the various venues. Are audio guides available for the royal palaces? The Royal Palace of Stockholm: An audio guide is available in Swedish and English Audio guides are not available at present for the other palaces.

The Royal Gift Shop. Find Articles and Archives in the menu. Promoters and Festivals. As a promoter or festival, our systems and services can help elevate your ticket sales and brand. VP_B2Bsite_LIGHT_Ikon. Du kan nu skriva kommentarer på artiklar som har denna ikon Som inloggad kan du bevaka nyheter du är intresserad av.

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Du hittar dem. When it comes to the choice of cities in France Grenoble in the south east often goes under the radar but new surveys suggest the "capital of the French Alps".

Tricket som raddar jobbet

This is the story of how a small group of campaigners came together to lead the fight for the rights of Britons left in limbo after Brexit. Our geographically-savvy readers are probably already aware that Estonia is not part of the Nordics yet. It is, however, very close to its Nordic neighbours, both physically and culturally. France is one of the most popular destinations in the world for holidaymakers and in there are some great reasons to make the trip.

Around 50 million people live outside their native countries, enticed by the many benefits of expatriation. The French government "can do better" at improving citizens' lives, President Emmanuel Macron said in his New Year's Eve address as "yellow vest" protesters again took to the streets across the country. When it comes to the choice of cities in France Grenoble in the south east often goes under the radar but new surveys suggest the "capital of the French Alps" could be the place to live.

As a collective hysteria threatens to engulf the country, John Lichfield looks at what happens next in France. How well have you followed the news in France in ? Test your knowledge of the big events that took place over the year in our quiz over. Here's the fifth and final round.

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  1. Join our knowledgeable guides for a tour through the state rooms at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

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The Royal Palaces

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