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Luftigt lystet och latt


The sun shines Luftigt lystet och latt a clear blue sky. Windows and doors are open towards the greenery, thin linen curtains are softly wafting. My granddaughter - a small creature, new to the world, beautiful and helpless, rests safely in my arms. The child in the garden. Like a cat it snuggles by the carnations. Little Liv warms my heart, makes me feel that life is strong within me. After all those years my heart is steadily going strong, my lungs continue to move in their rolling rythm.

In my granddaughter there is not the slightest grain of evil. She rests confidently in herself, dreaming unknown dreams. By her there is are no worries about money shortage, unpaid bills, envy, harrowing commitments, responsibilities for everyone and everything. No longing for love and understanding keeps her awake in the nights. She is not whipped by prestige hunt. It is not her that Odin is talking about in the ancient Viking poem Havamal:. The stupid man Luftigt lystet och latt awake all night.

For me and others, life goes on. When unease rages in and around us, moments of peace and satisfaction are shortened. Like the beast under the bed, the stress is sharpening its teeth.

Det som är gråak- tigt,...

We cannot handle our losses and shortcomings, our wrecked economy. Fear lingers; of being exploited, threatened or simply forgotten and overlooked. Diseases gnaw within us, external forces are tearing us apart.

Sometimes I follow the recommendations of the unhappy Swedish poet Dan Andersson:. When those old wounds are hotly tearing. When your life is just a stone to carry. Watch with me the fading, pale blue sky! Come, we'll lean against the pasture gate-bars. However, that is no more than temporary relief. Though they all lead nowhere, it is impossible to deny that reading, writing and listening to my friends are alleviating anxiety.

Each and every one of us constitutes a part of the universe, within us all breathes the universal spirit, the Brahman:. Luftigt lystet och latt

luftigt. luftning. luftvärn. luftvärnet. lugg....

Somewhere within us, we are always together. Somewhere within us, our love cannot escape. Somewhere within us, we are always here and now For me, especially chamber music appears to be endowed with an intimate and dynamic character which distracts me from everyday stress and pain.

I imagine that music possesses a supernatural force, something beyond all constraints - a Tat twam asi. Perhaps it was this assumed creative joy that is inherent in music, Luftigt lystet och latt connection with something extra-terrestrial, which made the aged Swedish movie director Ingmar Bergman to Luftigt lystet och latt that: Schubert wrote continuously, despite suffering from financial concerns, love pain, illness and notwithstanding his unrivalled brilliance a dismal feeling of insufficiency.

Five years before his death, at the age of thirty, Schubert wrote to his friend Leopold Kupelweiser: Every night when I go to bed, I hope that I may never wake again, and every morning renews my grief. I live without pleasure or friends.

Schubert has an amazing ability to immerse himself in a text and interpret it in a profound, deeply personal manner, something he does with Heinrch Heine's already creepy text:. Why do you ape the pain of my love, which tormented me upon this spot so many a night, so long ago? No wonder Schubert stated that Luftigt lystet och latt is no such thing as happy music.

And that which I have written in my greatest distress is what the world seems to like best. Perhaps he would be in agreement with Dimitrij Shostakovichanother composer whose music Luftigt lystet och latt am willing to spend considerable time with.

Shostakovichwho in both his life and music seems to reflect a bitter point of view, though nevertheless often quite often humorous and sharp, stated that he had never been happy.

Despite his gloomy disposition, Shostakovich could not avoid composing every day and declared that if even his hands were cut off, he would continue to write, even he was forced to compose with a pen between his teeth:. When a man is in despair, it means that he still believes in something.

But you can pull out a tooth. Illusions, dead, continue to rot within us. And you can't escape them. I carry all of mine around with me.

En grandios prolog till epistlarna...

Is this a result of the "Russian melancholic soul"? I do not believe in national character, but it cannot be denied that Russian artists generally lived under suffocating oppression.

Most of them had lost dear ones to the tyranny. However, some insisted in considering their failures and the abuse they were subjected to as fuel for their art. I recently read a few lines by Boris Pasternak, whose life and literary production was characterized by the constant and often "Luftigt lystet och latt" presence of Soviet surveillance and censorship, much of his works were lost in chaos and repression:.

In life it is more necessary to lose than to gain. A seed will only germinate if it dies. An assertion that finds an echo in the bitter, but also gloomy humorous Samuel Beckett. Who offers his famous advice in the "novel" Worstward Ho:. Anguish may thus be regarded as a positive feature insofar as Luftigt lystet och latt leads to insight and improvement, perhaps in line with Nietzsche's endlessly cited and generally misquoted eighth aphorism from Maxims and Arrows " in his The Luftigt lystet och latt of the Idols and the Anti-Christ: What does not destroy me makes me stronger.

Insights about positive effects of suffering are offered by various religious writings. Not the least among Christians, suffering may be described as a valuable experience resulting in an increased understanding of the inner meaning of life. Jesus's redemptive suffering is considered as an act of compassion, a reconciliation with God, the power governing our existence. Suffering thus becomes a means of finding God and to understand that faith exists beyond reason and understanding.

Likewise, music is almost impossible to explain - it speaks differently to each and every one of us. The strictly Calvinist Japanese conductor Maasaki Matzuki believes that God speaks directly Luftigt lystet och latt us through Bach's music:. With the help of His disciples, God left us the Bible. Into the hands of Bach He delivered the cantatas. That is why it is our mission to keep performing them: Matzuki, who undoubtedly is one of the world's premier interpreters of Bach's music, claims that:.

Bach works as a missionary among our people. After each concert, people crowd the podium wishing to talk to me about topics that are normally taboo in our society—death, for example. I believe that Bach has already converted tens of thousands of Japanese to the Christian faith. As an example of Bach's ability to make his listeners to Christians, Matzuki mentions a Japanese organist who told him that: When I play a fugue, I can hear Bach talking to God. Obviously there is a connection between religiosity and music.

Pythagoras BC considered music to be a reverberation of universal perfection. Since a tone results from the vibrations a string, the same kind of harmony between sound and motion probably prevails throughout the universe.

In his attempt to clarify such a relationship, Pythagoras used mathematics. For Pythagoras, music was unmistakably "God's voice.

Several major composers have been deeply religious, while others have complained that they were unable to feel the presence of the divine. For example Shostakovitj answered the question Luftigt lystet och latt he was religious with a lamentation: After writing about the balm to the soul that music may provide, let me now return to the monster, which during troublesome nights lurks under our beds — The Stress.

Since stress affects our psyche, it may be appropriate to turn to the author, I hesitate to call him "scientist", who usually is associated with explanations about the state of the soul among modern human beings, namely Sigmund Freud.

Obviously, the prophet of psychoanalysis did not have an ear for music. He could be profoundly moved by literature and art, in the latter case more by sculpture than painting, though he seemed to be a complete stranger to musical experiences. Obviously, Freud never listened to music for pleasure, and he rarely wrote about music. One of Sigmund Freud's brother-in-laws, Harry Freud, claimed that his uncle "despised music", something that may seem strange, not the least considering the fact that he lived in the intensely musical Vienna.

One of the few occasions when Freud mentioned music was in an article he wrote about Michelangelo's statue of Moses, which he in published anonymously in the magazine Imago. Freud began his analysis of the Moses Statue by declaring that he was far from being an art connoisseur, Luftigt lystet och latt that he was more interested in the content of art than its means of expression:.

Nevertheless, works of art do exercise a powerful effect on me, especially those of literature and sculpture, less often painting. This has occasioned me, when I have been contemplating such things, to spend a long time before them trying to apprehend them in my own way, i. Wherever I cannot do it as for instance with music, I am almost incapable of obtaining any pleasure.

Some rationalistic, or perhaps analytic, turn of mind in me rebels against being moved by a thing without knowing why I am thus affected and what it is that affects me. It appears almost as if Freud was afraid of music; maybe due to the fact that it so difficult to describe in a meaningful manner, how it speaks directly to our inner feelings and thus repudiates any attempt at explanation - or with another word being "analysed".

Rolland, author, essayist, art historian and mystic, received the Nobel Prize in Literature inwith the motivation that it was awarded him:. Rolland presided over the Department of Music History at the University of Sorbonne he later left this position to become a full-time writer and his great musicality and enthusiasm for the emotional power of music runs like a red thread through his life and activities.

Rolland had an unwavering belief in humanity's ability for goodness and positively change of our living conditions. luftigt. luftning. luftvärn. luftvärnet. lugg. lugga. luggar. luggas. luggen. luggig. luggigt. lyster. lystern. lystet. lystmäte. lystmäten. lystmätet. lystna. lystnad. lystnaden. lystra lätt. lätta.

nummer 60 vinter n –...

lättade. lättare. lätteligen. lätthet. lätting. lättja. lättjan. lättjas. Ett luftigt och vackert garn som passar bra till stickade kläder. Maskintvätt Den egyptiska bomullen i garnet är av högsta kvalitet och ger fin lyster. Det perfekta. Det som är gråak- tigt, hänger vid fingrarne och lätt blåses bort är af en miss- tänkt urklappas i linne 1 dygn och upphänges sedan i luftigt rum för att något torka omåttliga hunger må patienten tillåtas att förtära huru mycket honom lyster.

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