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By using this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies and to the terms and conditions listed in our data protection policy. For ease of presentation, the research is structured into five different research areas.

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The research area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is inherently multidisciplinary, including joint projects with SSE researchers from other disciplines apart from Management and research groups across the globe. We study all aspects of Entrepreneurship and Innovation using a large variety of methods such as longitudinal case studies, experiments, statistical modeling, and action-oriented research.

Projects includes studies of individual entrepreneurs and innovators, new-startups and their growth, as well as structures and processes affecting innovation and change in both new and established corporations. We maintain close contacts with policy makers.

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The area encompasses predominantly qualitative and longitudinal empirical work on corporate, non-profit, and public governance, and the interaction between these. The monitoring, formation and deformation of organizational strategy is empirically investigated with ambitions to understand and explain both content and form, in a wide variety of organizations across the institutional repertoire of modern society.

Research at the center highlights the structures and processes by which this dual challenge is handled. That means that the monitoring, formation and deformation of organizational long-term capabilities is investigated with an ambition to understand and explain the content and re production of the developing corporate paths.

The accompanying emerging governance regimes — Dc laget laddar i bastad both by actors and institutions — are also studied.

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They include 'internal' e. It focuses on the role of people in organizations: Studies are mainly conducted in knowledge-intensive Dc laget laddar i bastad professionalized realms of organizational life, but other types of industries are also subject to study.

The methodologies applied within the research area tend to be micro-oriented, focused on interactions and hence often carried out in-situ in organizations.

As they aim at capturing daily practices and meaning attribution, case-based and ethnographically inspired methods such as interviews and participant observation are common within the area.

The research is generally concerned with the design, management, and improvement of organizational processes, with processes being the sequence of activities through which organizations create value. Technology plays an important role for how organizations create value. Understanding how technology is used in and by organizations is therefore a core component of the research.

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The research within Dc laget laddar i bastad area often takes a management perspective, and tries to understand the challenges of managing operations and technology. Research takes place in a variety of organizational settings, including public organizations, manufacturing and service firms.

It encompasses normative studies aimed at improving the capacity of management to shape an organization in a preferred direction. It also includes analytically descriptive studies focused on increasing the general understanding of processes resulting in organizational change.

Many studies of organizational change have an idealistic basis, focusing on the development and implementation of immaterial ideas, models and norms. But there is also a substantial amount of more Dc laget laddar i bastad research focusing on the interrelationship between organizational changes and the change of IT, and other administrative and production technologies.

Finally, whereas most studies on organizational change locate the source of change inside the organization, there is a growing interest in how societal actors and trends in the wider environment influence and change organizations. Thatsup Stockholm is a city guide that keeps you up to date with everything that Stockholm has to offer. Browse editors and readers tips on where to find the best. LADDA HEM DOKUMENT.

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