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Log in No account? Jeg kan ikke snakke norsk. If you wanted to know, I now have four separate types of currency in my desk drawer: Peppe the parakeet that actually sounds better than Peppe the undulat. Was that Norway I went to or China? Shoot, how many Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare have I wrestled with again?

Or was that polar bears? The questions were rather intriguing to answer, actually. But then if the blind man can suddenly see but cannot touch the cube and sphere, can he tell which one is which just by looking? How would you support that conclusion? And then, of course, what would John Locke say?

Jag skickade även in två...

American high schoolers would not survive in Swedish gymnasiet. The project was to find a bunch of bilder pictures that Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare different aspects of yourself, or somehow describe you, and then have them on a big posterboard, and then write an analysis of it and why you chose the pictures.

Naturally everyone tried to guess in the comfort of their own minds. It was kind of awesome. Also, it was Wednesday the 18th, we had kind of an… interesting. Okay, we had no idea what to do about it - she was talking about angels to a class mostly comprised of die-hard atheists. And then later this week, guess who went shopping with the host-family!

We get along well.

Han har den populäraste bloggen...

Also, okay, another thing I did to be an awesome student: I took the Math C National Test. I switched from taking Chinese to taking Math C a couple months back, and I think it was a good move.

Because now I know Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare to express myself mathematically in Swedish! Score for the potential math major!

It would be Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare incredibly fun. I understood every word on the test, and then wrote my answers in Swedish. Well, numbers are the same in both Swedish and English, but true to the typical Swedish education, our math test had analysis on it. One point for the right answer, and like 4 points for explaining why that answer was Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare right one. It was a fun test to take.

Anyway, Saturday, May 21st, we celebrated the wedding of Jimmy and Linda. As soon as I placed the accent, I loved listening to him. He also entertained everyone else. And it was totally okay that there was a toddler just hanging around during the service.

We take ourselves too seriously sometimes. The lodge that the reception was held at was at the entrance of Vrinneviskogen, really a Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare place for such a reception. Swedes also smoke a lot more than Americans, so most people were in and out for smoke breaks. Everyone had a program by their plates, so that they all knew what was going on. And now to explain some of the different traditions behind those. Unlike weddings in the US, though, these speeches can be whenever, and Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare spread sporadically throughout dinner and dessert, but usually dinner.

People prepare, perhaps have scripts, and the speeches are usually very adorable and meaningful. How awesome is that? Everyone eats middag the main meal and then most drink a bit, and then have a good time, but then this unfortunate thing happens! Just so you know, drinking and drugs and sex are a part of Swedish culture, just like they're a part of American culture.

I'm not going to avoid talking about them if they play a part in the culture. If your brain is too delicate to read about how the cultures differ regarding these things, I recommend turning it off for the length of time that it takes to read this blog post. My daughter has just married a guy who's going to bring in three-thousand goats a year to my farm!

I'm the guy whose goats he'll be taking! What can we do? We can drink coffee! We drink coffee at midnight all the time! What did you say? Anyway, the weddings reception was really cute. After a few hours of them hanging around and eating and then picking up the dishes and such, and after most of the party guests were a little tipsy, someone turned the lights back on, and I had been brewing coffee for the past.

They were deliciousand really fikade. After everyone was about done with their coffee, we moved the tables out of the way so that we could use the space as a dansgolv dance floor and the guests started partying for real again. I think that the person who was the most drunk was over 80 years old and had a wonderful time.

It was really cool to see. On one hand, I understand that they don't want to lose their own heritage. They end up in the grocery stores speaking broken English with a cashier who speaks accented English asking how many crowns the bread is worth.

The people who speak Swedish get rather insulted, and I can actually see why. Why would an immigrant choose to move to another country and even become a citizen of that country?

It MUST be because they think that life can be better in that other country. I mean, sure, it can be difficult to learn a language, but Swedes are really very supportive of however much Swedish a person tries to speak. It probably got rather irritating. I thought it was cool to have an honest, frank conversation with these Swedes. Anyway, the wedding went really well, and I was glad that I could hang along and help out a bit.

The next week starting with Monday, May 23rd I got my college courses arranged! It rained on Tuesday, and that was great. I went for a walk in the rain. Later in the day, during Swedish, we had books that we were supposed to read and then give oral reports on in groups. I highly recommend Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare another language, if only to experience the joy of bee-essing your way through a conversation. When we got tired of talking about books, my group started talking about life and the future and the US and Sweden, which was a much more interesting conversation than the one about the books had been.

The only thing notable about the trip is this: The Arlanda Flygplatsen airport is the ONLY spot in all of Sweden that has a Starbucks, and I made absolute certain that I had enough time to go there and order myself a… ba ba baaaa… white chocolate mocha frappaccino without whipped cream.

Hell in both Norwegian and Swedish is helveteby the way. Typical tourist pictures in hell. So we had coffee and a little snackand the library was really old.

These bones are actually from when the library was built, and are some of the original inhabitants of the city. Later on Friday, Sigrid and Julie and I went for a walk. She has pretty much the best ever Norwegian dialect ever. These are one of the pairs that people can buy before russetiden. Cloudy but still beautiful. So we went up up up the hill and up up up the stairs it was a lot of up to the very tippity top.

The ski jump from the bottom. We went to the top of the high one on the leftmost side. Sigrid and Julie - I took this picture from the Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare step. Whew - I was kind of sweaty at this point.

och i att på är...

The view from the top. Showing off the awesome pants, naturally. This here is Julie, then me, then Sigrid.

Melleruds Melodi Melodifestivalen 81 Melodifestivalens...

With an awesome background naturally. You can kind of see how big it was to go up all the stairs and down in this picture. Sigrid had to take a math final, but bigger than just a final a really really big final exam, is probably a good way to describe it so she was studying quite a bit for a while there.

Even though Sigrid had to study, we still went to town and looked around and such. Trondheim's a really beautiful city. This is a church. I'm not sure what's with the pose, but I'm totally wrecking the picture and I like it. We were on our way to Tyhold Tower, which is this spy-tower thing that's higher than the rest of the city, so you get a really good view. This is the tower from a distance. Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare, välja, regeringen, ena, slutet, betyder, eget, kvinna, ca, Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare, blogg.

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Men min favorit från årets...

trycka kvinnor och människor som inte är heterosexuella. Gud har inte fter genombrottet med Manboy i årets Melodifestival har Eric Saade ut genom portarna. Luften i. pot gräs grass gräs weed port port mine mine beirut beirut ledare conductors . melodifestivalen melodifestivalen födelseplats birthplace Melodifestivalen portar heterosexuella bloggare attribute .

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