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We identify gendered innovations, methods of sex and gender analysis, and points of potential "value added" through the future application of gendered innovations methods. The potential effects of environmental chemicals ECs on human reproductive health have been studied predominantly in men.

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An expert group reporting to the World Health Organization WHO states that "changing trends in female reproductive health have been much less studied than those in males," despite the fact that "female reproductive development is also susceptible to endocrine interference" Damstra et al. Researchers have designed experiments to close gaps in scientific knowledge of Okad cancerrisk for arbetare potential effects of ECs on female reproductive health.

Sampling female animals in controlled experiments has created new knowledge regarding physiological and genetic outcomes of EC exposure. Researchers have also sampled pregnant female animals, which allows the use of pregnancy outcomes as endpoints. Further, studying pregnant females has uniquely allowed researchers to investigate the effects of in utero "Okad cancerrisk for arbetare" exposure on both female and male fetuses and to elucidate sex differences in the sensitivity.

Vissa av dessa fynd beskrivs i Innovation med genusperspektiv 2. The Reproductive Effects of Environmental Chemicals in Females REEF project studies the effects of environmental chemicals including endocrine disruptors on the developing human fetus.

REEF samples both females and males, as well as pregnant and non-pregnant females to detect sex-specific effects of chemical exposure for example, ovarian atresia in females and poor sperm quality in males and to identify or rule out sex differences.

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This research design has allowed REEF researchers to identify, for example, a greater negative impact of environmental chemicals on male bone health in sheep compared to females. Researchers may gain additional knowledge by Analyzing Factors Intersecting with Sex. For females, pregnancy may be an important determinant of environmental chemical exposure and its consequences.

The Challenge:

Many REEF studies have compared male animals to non-pregnant females, and other studies have examined pregnant females in detail, but no studies specifically compare pregnant and non-pregnant females.

Such comparisons may provide information about pregnancy's effects on absorption, mobilization, and metabolism of environmental chemicals. Designing Health and Biomedical Research Researchers have designed experiments to close gaps in scientific knowledge of the potential effects of ECs on female reproductive health.

The REEF project focused on the effects of environmental chemical exposure on pregnant females and on their Okad cancerrisk for arbetare and male offspring. Further, post-natal animal studies have Okad cancerrisk for arbetare significance for monitoring EC effects in humans. Potential Value Added to Future Research through the Future Application of Gendered Innovations Methods Investigating possible interactions between pregnancy and EC effects Understanding the influence of sex, age, occupation, geographic location, socioeconomic status, diet, and body composition in potential EC effects on humans.

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Reproductive Toxicology, 24 2 "Okad cancerrisk for arbetare" den Berg, M. Toxicological Sciences, 93 2 Molecular Human Reproduction, 17 2 medför ökad risk för cancer även om sambanden är ofullständigt kända. smitta med de onkogena varianterna av HPV innebär en cancerrisk grupper. Men tobaksbruket är i dag vanligare bland arbetare och.

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constitutes increased cancer risk for humans. The risk is Ponera att en arbetare på kärnkraftverket inte vill vara kvar när det börjar gå dåligt. Background Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors in both developing and industrialized countries. Agricultural workers suffer markedly higher rates of.

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