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Sectornieuws - Biotech en Pharma Volgen. U volgt dit forumtopic. Klik hier om dit forumtopic Euronext koper hugin 3 volgen en automatisch op de hoogte gehouden te worden bij nieuwe berichten. Aantal posts per pagina: Wijnen 25 mrt om DNA Roche doesn't already own was ultimately reached through a friendly deal two weeks ago after a nearly eight-month battle.

RiskMetrics provides proxy voting recommendations Euronext koper hugin 3 other shareholder services. Nou, Novartis valt ook al af als kandidaad-koper voor Cru. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this This release is neither an offer to purchase nor a solicitation of an offer to sell shares of Novartis India Ltd. The offer represents a total value of up to Rs 4. A public announcement is being published in India as required by law.

The offer for these shares, which are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange, is expected to open in May and is subject to regulatory approvals. PSmink 25 mrt om Kandidaat met een d!!!! Rockefeller 26 mrt om According to the World Health Organization WHOinfluenza vaccines are considered to be the most important and potentially effective intervention for mitigating the effects of an influenza pandemic1.

The optimal choice of strain and formulation for an effective vaccine will be possible when the pandemic influenza strain has emerged1,2.

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Sanofi pasteur is actively involved in pandemic preparedness and has invested in a major expansion of its influenza vaccine production capacity in the U. Sanofi Pasteur is also committed to continuing its robust research and development program by exploring strategies for protecting more people.

Rockefeller 27 "Euronext koper hugin 3" om Is Biogen Idec setting itself up to be acquired? The company actively sought an acquirer inbut decided to remain an independent entity when there appeared to be a significant discrepancy between the asking price and the price that potential acquirers were willing to pay.

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Much of this discrepancy was attributed to uncertainty over future Tysabri sales. Tysabri had been re-introduced to the market during the previous year and the industry seemed intent on watching to see if the number of PML cases associated with the use of the drug would be something that the company could live with or de-risk. The past few days have seen Biogen make a number of announcements that clearly signal their intent to mitigate this Euronext koper hugin 3 while highlighting the strength of their late-stage pipeline.

If the work pans out, these tools could allow clinicians to identify patients who might be at greater risk for developing PML, monitor them more closely, and potentially treat them at the first signs of the disease.

Although the risk of developing PML is extremely low, some analysts estimate that the sales of the drug could triple if the PML risk is addressed. You can view the presentation here, but perhaps the most telling slide is the one "Euronext koper hugin 3" below click to enlarge. Of the top seven companies, three Schering-Plough, Genentech and Wyeth have been acquired within the past few weeks and Allergan is rumored to be in talks to be acquired by GlaxoSmithKline.

Samuel and Elenore Bogoch of peptides in the hemagglutinin unit of influenza, which they Euronext koper hugin 3 Replikins, which are shared across flu strains, conserved over time, associated with the last three pandemics ofandas well as current H5N1 outbreaks, and are the basis of broad spectrum flu vaccines.

The Replikins sequences, as specified by the Bogoches, are the subject of granted Euronext koper hugin 3 from and a monograph 3. The amino acid contact points between the neutralizing antibody and the virus that the Harvard-CDC and Scripps-Crucell investigators both observed, out of over possible sites, are in the influenza Replikins.

The confirming groups' data also verified the Bogoch findings of conservation of these very Replikins peptides over decades, and the sharing of Replikins between strains of influenza, making general flu vaccines possible for the first time. The Replikins peptides, associated with rapid replication, are quantitatively trackable and predictive of the intensity, timing, and country of outbreak.

The company's FluForecast R software has correctly predicted recent H5N1 outbreaks and the countries in which they were going to occur 4. Replikins, which are quantitatively related to lethality in influenza and other infectious diseases, such as HIV, anthrax, and malaria, as well as cancer, and a range of animal diseases, are the subject of synthetic vaccines in development at the Company.

Wijnen 31 mrt om Lilly would more likely be a buyer than a seller. De radiostilte rondom Crucell is oorverdovend!

Stilte voor de storm? Van mij mag het gaan Euronext koper hugin 3 Rockefeller 5 apr om Lechleiter said in an interview. Major drug makers are snapping up large rivals after failing to develop lucrative new drugs to replace their aging blockbusters.

John Lechleiter Pharmaceutical companies are also trying to expand beyond prescription drugs after concluding that drug discovery is too unpredictable to provide stable growth. The recession is spurring them to maximize cash flow and diversify their sources of revenue.

In January, Pfizer Inc. Even Abbott Laboratories Inc. Abbott was the mysterious "Company X" that Pfizer reported in securities filings last week had approached Wyeth in December about a potential counterbid, said people familiar with the matter. Abbott couldn't be reached for comment.

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Lechleiter said in the interview he wants to diversify Indianapolis-based Lilly's product lineup to offset revenue declines some of the company's drugs will face in the next several years from competition with cheaper generics. Lilly's best-selling drug, the antipsychotic Zyprexa, loses patent protection in Lechleiter ruled out a mega merger like the Pfizer or Merck deals, Euronext koper hugin 3 it's not clear major drug-industry mergers are an advantage.

Losing patent protection on Zyprexa will be a big blow for Lilly. While rivals grow significantly larger through acquisitions, Dr. Lechleiter said Lilly was comfortable looking small by comparison and preferred to grow incrementally.

The company wants to expand its animal-health business and was also scouring the cash-strapped biotechnology industry for good values, he said. We're not going to buy a medical-device company. We're not going to buy a diagnostic company," he said. He did not say which companies he is looking at. Executives at Lilly believe the industry needs to increase the number of drugs in development to overcome the historically low odds of Euronext koper hugin 3 a new blockbuster.

They see acquisitions as a means to expand Lilly's pipeline. Wijnen 7 apr om BY animal healthcare business, the Economic Times reported on Euronext koper hugin 3 Web site Tuesday, citing people close to the development.

Wockhardt and Sanofi-Aventis declined to comment, while Pfizer didn't reply to an email, the Web site said. Wockhardt plans to raise around INR1. Wijnen 8 apr om The New Jersey-based company has had success with biologics, complex and expensive medicines derived from living organisms. LLY has said it would consider entering that market. Several bills in Congress would make it easier for biosimilars to make it to market, though the bills differ widely.

A bill proposed by Reps. The exclusivity in the Waxman bill is "far from sufficient," Phillips said, echoing sentiments by economists and others in the pharmaceutical industry that companies need about 12 years of exclusivity to have the financial incentive to make medical products. Making such products can be costly and take decades to develop. Phillips and other JNJ officials said biologics are hard to replicate, noting that these medicines are based on more complex molecules than traditional drugs, and they want any legislation to continue to encourage innovation.

The company highlighted its success with Remicade as a reason why pharmaceutical companies need exclusive time to develop a medical product. The biologic was approved in to treat a painful inflammatory bowel disease, and has since been expanded to treat Euronext koper hugin 3 arthritis. Rockefeller 9 apr om Svp even met de hakbijl in de link. Plaats een reactie Meedoen aan de discussie? Bols Lucas Bols N. Volume 0 jan Beursjaar wordt beter dan Amsterdam realtime byother realtime by Cboe Europe Ltd.

Deze 7 beurstermen worden dit jaar belangrijk. Dit wordt duurder in Dit verandert er in voor je portemonnee. Wat risicomanagers van voetbaltrainers kunnen l Tom Jongbloed en Maiko van der Gurp naar Oyens Dit was crowdfunding in Collin Crowdfund vergroot fundingcapaciteit. Nederland krijgt er een crowdfundingplatform bij.

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