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Robbie jag ar kass i sangen

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In summer , seven recordings of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" were in release, with the versions by Frankie Laine and Jack Owens reaching the US top 20 at separately numbers 18 and Docket of recorded versions.

The assortment had often sung the tune for fun, having been familiarized with it by member Michelle Phillips , whose father had been friends with the song's co-writer, Fabian Andre, in Mexico City where Michelle Phillips' dearest had resided when she was a young girl. According to him she was unhappy while recording the song, objecting to its campiness. However, Elliot herself would later tell Melody Maker: In the album version, recorded with the Mamas and the Papas, a spoken introduction from an engineer is heard mentioning a drink, and then concluding with the words: Only the last part was heard on the single version of the song.

Cass did her own whistling, which is heard previously the song's fade. Promoted in the US press and on billboards with a photograph of a discreetly but obviously undraped Elliot lying in a bed of daisies, [2] "Dream a Little Dream of Me" peaked at 12 on the Billboard Hot that August its Notes Box peak was 10 and in Record World it reached 8.

The Billboard Easy Listening chart ranked the single as high as 2. In Australia the song spent two weeks at 1, [5] and was the 16th biggest hit of

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Weak (Skunk Anansie...

A Frank Sinatra Discography. Fabian Andre Wilbur Schwandt. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. At the Monterey Pop Festival in , the Mamas and the Papas ended their set with "Dancing in the Street" before Elliot told the audience at the festival: Pink Flower Dream No2 Poster.

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  1. The song is best known for the version by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra , which reached number one on the Billboard Hot chart.

  2. The song is one of Skunk Anansie's well known releases, and often a favourite at festivals.

  3. It first became popular in when recorded by Martha and the Vandellas whose version reached No.

  4. Please check out with your country's customs charge to make up one's mind what these additional costs discretion be till to dictate or buying.

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Robbie jag ar kass i sangen
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  • KAYAK busca en cientos de webs de viajes a la vez y te da la información que necesitas...
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