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Journal of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Nr 50, Department of Modern Languages. Daniela Assenova, Irina Ly University of Milan, Department of. Angel Nakoff 1 Slovo. The Dynamics of Second Language Learning.

A longitudinal and qualitative study of an adult s learning of Swedish. Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Catania and. California State University Sacramento. Department of Foreign Languages.

Department of Studies in. On this we all agree. However, with the advent of the Internet many academic and non-academic journals have made the transition from paper to electronic format. Slovo is no exception: It all started on a Monday in Novemberduring the regular advanced seminar of the Slavists at Uppsala University.

The change in the publishing praxis of the journal also reflects a generation change among Uppsala Slavists. For centuries, since the Gutenberg press produced the printed word, publishers have played a crucial role between the work of authors and their readers. Now, electronic publishing of scholarly papers on the Internet offers rapid and universal access.

These are the main reasons for changing the publication format of the journal. While discussing the destiny of Slovo, no one at the seminar was aware that the next Slovo issue would be the 50th one.

It was a coincidence that the transition to the web would occur in an anniversary issue. The new format and the anniversary provide an excellent opportunity for celebration, and also give a possibility for some explanations. Moreover, as Slovo appears to be a relatively common title in that field, it seems reasonable to add distinguishing characteristics, including the logo and the subtitle, to clearly separate it from other periodicals.

A significant change in the policy of the journal is its invited contributions from scholars not associated with Uppsala University. Previously, only contributions from scholars directly connected with Uppsala University were published. Our goal from now on is to have one invited external contributor for each issue. The value of a journal lies in the quality of the articles it publishes. First and foremost, this quality comes from the submitting authors, but also from the scholars who voluntarily review these submissions.

There is also a considerable time investment on the part of the editors and the advisory board. Yunyun Zhu, who created the Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater, and Tengjiao Cai, who designed and implemented the homepage.

Finally, there are you, the readers, to whom we Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater our 50th anniversary issue. This issue aims to combine the tradition with the innovations. All other contributors in this issue are active in the field of Slavic languages at the Department of Modern Languages Uppsala University.

Juhani Nuorluoto has been the chair of the Slavic Languages division of the Department since To emphasize this succession, we also are publishing the complete bibliography of the previous chair of Slavic languages, Sven Gustavsson. "Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater" articles in the current issue represent the broad range of research at the Department, thematically, methodologically and language-wise.

The editors wish to thank all the contributors for their hard work and patience throughout the long maturing process of this special anniversary and inaugural electronic issue. Keeping to tradition, we have decided to publish the articles separately, but combined to form a whole issue.

So even though Slovo is on the web, you still can read it the traditional way! Daniela Assenova 4 Slovo Uppsala, No. This paper discusses the reasons and ambitions behind the initiation of Slovo, followed by an Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater of the history of the journal. Forty-nine issues were published over a year period, from — Background Forty years ago, options were limited for any Swedish Slavist who wanted to publish a scholarly article.

These series published mainly doctoral dissertations. Articles up to sixteen pages in length could be published in Scando-Slavica, an international journal issued as a yearbook by the Association of Scandinavian Slavists Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater Baltologists.

And, of course, there was also the option of submitting a paper to one of the existing Slavistics journals outside Scandinavia. If, however, a Swedish Slavist wanted to publish in Swedish, or to publish a medium-length article i. Nor was there any way of publishing the talks given on specialized themes at mini- symposia.

Against this background, discussions about founding a Swedish Slavistics journal became a common theme amongst young Uppsala Slavists during coffee breaks and post-seminars. It needed to be more directed toward, or at least open to, modern linguistics, which at about this time was somewhat belatedly making a breakthrough in Sweden.

We made contact with some of our colleagues in Gothenburg and Stockholm in those days the Slavic Department in Lund lived an isolated existence. Their first question was, not unreasonably, how the new journal would be financed.

This meant that additional funds had to be found outside the departments. He promised support for the first year, but no further. Since we had found no other means for financing the planned Swedish Slavistics journal, our ambitions were lowered to publishing an Uppsala Slavic Department journal of modest outward appearance, which had to be self-financed through library subscriptions and sales of individual copies.

Editors Although the idea of publishing Slovo had originated mainly from a group of young scholars who had either recently defended their Ph.

Contributors A total of 61 scholars contributed articles to Slovo over the years as authors or coauthors. Authors with four or more contributions are shown in Table 2. Authors with four or more contributions. Publication frequency The first issue of Slovo saw the light of day in The second issue also contained a single contribution, a theoretical monograph-like treatment of verb stem formation and conjugation by Nils Bertil Thelin.

Following a hiatus inanother 47 issues were published during the 30 years from to Usually a single issue appeared annually, but five issues were published in each of the years, and No issues appeared in, and Figure 1. Issues 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 No Figure 1.

Publication frequency of Slovo The 49 issues of Slovo totaled approximately 3, pages. An average year saw about pages, usually within a single volume. The year stands out as unique, with well over pages Figure 2. Pages PP 0 Figure 2. Number of pages for each year Disregarding front fly-leafs, contents pages and blank pages, and pages enumerating earlier issues, this made a total of about 3, pages of scholarly research. Scholarly fields As mentioned above, although Slovo was initiated by linguists, it has always been open to other scholarly fields.

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However, it took several issues until the first literary studies were published, in issue No. Later, bibliographies were included, as well as studies in cultural history and other areas, and a number of book review articles.


In fact, annual bibliographies became a recurring feature of Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater, listing 25 years of publications by Uppsala Slavists. The annual page distribution of works in linguistics, literary studies, bibliographies and other scholarly fields is shown in Figure 3. The percentages given here are approximate, since although most contributions unequivocally belong to one of these fields, some overlap. Distribution of scholarly fields in each year The data in Figure 3 is summarized in Figure 4, which shows that linguistics articles dominated over the years, consisting of well over half of the total number of published pages.

Total distribution of scholarly fields Types of contributions As mentioned in section 1 above, Slovo was designed as a forum for scholarly articles, without a maximum page limit. Nonetheless, as noted in section 3, the first two issues consisted of monographs, both of which were theoretical works on Modern Russian 55 and pages in length, respectively. The launching by the department, however, of Uppsala Slavic Papers in and Slaviska specialordlistor in resulted in the eventual referral of monographs and specialized glossaries to these two series.

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Language of publication As mentioned in Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater 1, Slovo was originally intended for articles published in Swedish and for distribution only within the Nordic countries, i. Accordingly, the first 14 issues were in Swedish. The first issue to include another language was No.

Three issues contained articles entirely in other languages than Swedish: Languages in which articles and reviews were published in Over the years, Slovo published articles in 8 different languages Table 3; the figures given here, and in Figure 5, do not, however, include bibliographical works, which can be considered "langauge neutral". Distribution of languages in which articles and reviews were published in The main reason for this change was the increasing number of faculty members who were not native Swedish speakers; another reason was the desire by contributors to reach an audience for Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater scholarly work outside the Nordic countries.

Concluding remarks Slovo was launched 40 years ago, in what now seems a very different world. As it now reaches its 50th issue, under the new editorship of Daniela Assenova and My Svensson, it is fitting that what was once a journal published entirely in Swedish and for a purely Nordic audience is going online as a journal published mainly in English. Thus, from a modest beginning, with its new and high ambitions, Slovo has eventually become part of our ever more globalized world.

The paper demonstrates that with the exception of the orthographic substitution of o for etymological strong back jer, and a single lexical variant, both of which can be traced to an early shared ancestor of D and its two closest relatives, each of the orthographic features of D that corresponds to a Macedonian phonological feature can also be found in non-transitional dialects of the southwestern territory of contemporary Bulgaria.

Issues of Space and Time1 Determining whether a given post-Old Church Slavonic Central Balkan manuscript should be classified as Macedonian or western Bulgarian is a messy task, but an unavoidable one in the preparation of a diplomatic edition of such a manuscript. The following abbreviations are used here: D contains a number of unmistakable orthographic Macedonianisms, in the sense of Macedonian-type features, which appear sporadically in an "Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater" relatively conservative Bulgarian Church Slavonic text.

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Hur paverkar kraven fran statens pensionsverk din teater

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Record book of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Nr 50, Department of Modern Languages. Daniela Assenova, Irina Ly University of Milan, Department of. Angel Nakoff 1 Slovo. The Dynamics of Second Language Scholarship. A longitudinal and qualitative study of an adult s learning of Swedish. Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Catania and.

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