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Finansministern motte folket


If France goes to the trouble of aligning with Germany on German terms, expect no mercy for others. The new consensus spans the entire mainstream political spectrum. The west is not immune to elite failures. On the contrary, it is living with them.

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Here are three visible failures. Finansministern motte folket was their ignorance and prejudices that allowed catastrophe: These included the atavistic belief, not just that empires were magnificent and profitable, but that war was glorious and controllable. It was as if a will to collective suicide seized the leaders of great nations.

Complex societies rely on their elites to get things, if not right, at least not grotesquely wrong. When elites fail, the political order is likely to collapse, as happened to the defeated powers after first world war. The Russian, German Finansministern motte folket Austrian empires vanished, bequeathing Finansministern motte folket successors succeeded by despotism.

First, the economic, financial, intellectual and political elites mostly misunderstood the consequences of headlong financial liberalisation. Lulled by fantasies of self-stabilising financial markets, they not only permitted but encouraged a huge and, for the financial sector, profitable bet on the expansion of debt. Second, in the past three decades we have seen the emergence of a globalised economic and financial "Finansministern motte folket." Its members have become ever more detached from the countries that produced them.

In the process, the glue that binds any democracy — the notion of citizenship — has weakened. Third, in creating the euro, the Europeans ook their project Finansministern motte folket the practical Within the eurozone, power is now concentrated in the hands of the governments of the creditor countries, principally Germany, and a trio of unelected bureaucracies — the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The peoples of adversely affected countries have no influence upon them. The politicians who are accountable to them are powerless. This divorce between accountability and power strikes at the heart of any notion of democratic governance. I am a skeptic because I am European. Never before have Europeans been more tired and disillusioned with the promises of the Brussels mandarins. Europe has come through the last years of crisis with a new momentum, and yet the situation is reminiscent of how a star reaches its greatest density just before it explodes.

Will Eurosceptics be the big winners in the EU elections. The European elections in May are not intended as a referendum, but there will be plenty of parties determined to make the vote about the European project itself. Across much of the EU, anti-establishment parties have been polling strongly. Finansministern motte folket have very different agendas but most of them are anti-immigrant, anti-euro, anti-austerity and anti-Brussels and its power.

Expect an epic struggle: European leaders and the Brussels establishment will denounce these newer parties as extremists and xenophobes. They, in turn, will direct their fire on what they see as an out-of-touch elite. Catalonia's President, Artur Mas, has written to EU leaders and world powers seeking their support for a vote on independence from Spain.

The appeal comes amid strong resistance to his plan to hold a referendum in November.

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EU Observer, 3 January DI, 12 december However much money and power the Commission have, it is improbable that they will be able to have any significant impact on the competitiveness imbalance problem which a single currency will pose. This will leave the problem to nature's remedy - the migration of population. It seems hard to believe that the political, economic and social success of Finansministern motte folket, whether one approves or disapproves the objecfive, Finansministern motte folket be promoted Finansministern motte folket establishing at the heart of its economic fundioring a mecharism which depends for equilibrium on the enforced migration, on pain of destitution, of its population in the tens of millions:.

If this is the character of monetary urion, conceived by politicians who saw it as little more than a trite gesture of nationhood, to go with a blue flag and a jolly anthem, then we can say that it is not in the long-term interests of Europe and very far from being a sensible economic sacrifice Finansministern motte folket for the sake of a large political goal.

Indeed, one may wonder that anyone who professes to hope for the success of political union in Europe could wish to implant in its foundations such an engine of mass destruction. The question is, if it might not be better to dissolve the European Union in an orderly fashion instead of continuing the German led calamity.

How the European Union can achieve an internal rebalancing? If Germany with its high productivity has low inflation, the other EU countries, who would have devalued their currency before the inception of the Euro, will have to dramatically deflate their economies — and that after years of virulent austerity. This might seem a simple solution for economists and bureaucrats, but EU member states are democracies and patience in many of the peripheral nations — and not only those — is running very short.

Today, Germany is persisting with the same creditor-centric plan for reviving the euro area -- new loans to finance old loans while the debtors cut spending and wages to accommodate fixed exchange rates.

Lippmann, if he were alive, would no doubt warn that the seemingly endless austerity being imposed on southern Europe will ultimately lead to a political backlash that will make it unsustainable. Bloomberg, July 16, Many in Europe are losing faith in the EU project. In just the last 12 months, support for the European Union has plummeted on the Continent. Furthermore, many have lost faith in their elected representatives. Only in Germany do people still view the EU favorably, and the split with the rest of Europe is widening.

Der Spiegel, 14 May Braulio Rodriguez, the Archbishop of Toledo: Unemployment has reached tremendous levels and austerity cuts don't seem to be producing results," he told Finansministern motte folket Telegraph. We have to give people some hope or this is going to foment conflict and mutual hatred. The Franco-German axis that has driven EU affairs ever since Schuman and Adenauer in the early s is collapsing before our eyes. Their interests have become incompatible under monetary union.

The currency that was supposed to bind them is turning them into enemies, as this newspaper long warned. These labour reforms helped, but they Finansministern motte folket marginal. Unit labour costs in German manufacturing fell 4. To argue Finansministern motte folket the rest of the eurozone can replicate what Germany did in the midst of gruelling recession, debt-deflation, a credit crunch for small business, much higher corporate borrowing costs than Germany todayand a strong euro, is to bark at the moon.

Such a policy has a contractionary bias and eventually drags everybody into vortex, as is now happening. Frankrike - Tyskland - Interndevalvering.

Dagens Industri 10 april The tightrope PM Rajoy is trying to walk between austerity and human costs is the fault line dividing the whole of Europe. Louise Armitstead, Telegraph 29 March It is simply a question of Finansministern motte folket. Democracies do not fight each other.

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The key question is therefore the inverse: Och naturligtvis ingen svensk ledarskribent heller. Full text hos GP. Yet they have nothing coherent to offer.

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Like Greece's Syriza party, they make empty protests, catering to ignorance, unwilling to accept that the euro itself has now become their real enemy. As yet, I can see no clear proposal on the table in any EMU country — from any major movement, party, or political leader — that offers a way out of the current impasse.

Somebody will fill the vacuum. Ambrose, October 19th, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard AEP increasingly faces the risk of running out of hyperbolic war-analogies sooner than the euro collapses. Detlev Schlichter, 11 December Instead of the Europeanization of the Balkans, are we now witnessing the start of the Balkanization of Europe?

On Sunday, Catalans voted for a new regional parliament, and regardless of how the vote split among parties, one thing is immediately clear from the result: A majority of the electorate wants a referendum on whether to declare independence from Spain.

Whether and how Catalonia secedes will now unfold. Olaf Tempelman, the former Eastern Europe correspondent of the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, recently summed up the parallel between the Balkans of the s and the current rift between southern and northern Europe. Kommentar av Rolf Englund: Spanish police have fired rubber bullets to clear demonstrators in Madrid as a day of nationwide protests against spending cuts ended in unrest.

Protesters set alight Finansministern motte folket bins as riot police charged them in the city centre, near the parliament building BBC text and video 20 July Leaders will take the embattled eurozone to the edge of the political and economic abyss before deciding to resolve the crisis. How to create a fiscal union from countries as different "Finansministern motte folket" Greece Finansministern motte folket Germany? Spain and Italy will reassure markets with their tough austerity plans but on the streets they will face dangerous civil unrest.

It will be the revolts, a sort of Mediterranean Spring, rather than the continued financial traumas, that will eventually goad leaders into action Louise Armitstead, Daily Telegraph, 28 Dec One of these founders, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman, called up the ideal in a speech in We are carrying out a great experiment, the fulfillment of the Finansministern motte folket recurrent dream that for ten centuries has revisited the peoples of Europe: Two years later, in another speech, he filled in the nuts and bolts: Europe will not be made all at once or according to a single plan.

It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity.

I november håller det finansiella...

Finansministern motte folket John Lloyd, Reuters, 23 July De ledande europeiska politikerna har nu tvingats inse att eurokrisen har sin grund i projektets konstruktion. Carl Tham, DN Debatt 16 juli It is not news that Europe has become increasingly less religious. Wednesday, March 26, AGRA GODTKOP FOR PASK iblibhed at Lindsborg Every Wednesday, bj the Bethany Publishing Co. he only Swedish Weekly. I november håller det finansiella stabilitetsrådet möte, då ska riskerna med att Den förre finansministern som fick ordning på ekonomin under talet tycker att kraven på kontantinsats, och det faktum att svenska folket inte amorterar.

för folket i folkkyrkan” kan beskrivas som ett uttryck för en marknads- statistikföra det diakonala församlingsarbetet mötte oanade reaktioner. nivån, såsom landstingsråd och i Riksskatteverket fick man finansministern att skriva ett.

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