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Unik upptackt i ostersjon


Skip to main Unik upptackt i ostersjon. Log In Sign Up. I have researched the Gotlandic history since when I came with my first book "Gutarnas historia". At that time it At that time it said in Swedish history books: History was always written by the victors. This is true, not only for Gotland but for all those landscapes which were conquered in the s and also, mutatis mutandis, for those parts of the old Sweden which were lost.

Who now knows anything about the Middle Ages of Karelia or of Ingermanland or, for that matter, of Finland? When Gotland was annexed by Sweden in it was the winners history that became ruling. Gotlandic history became irrelevant. The Gotlandic history is misleading and difficult to understand if it is bundled with the Swedish history, which so far has been done.

They both have their separate history. There are some deadlocks in Swedish history which have blocked the view for a broader perspective.

I here think of the Roman sources about the Baltic Sea region. Still today many writers without thought are copying these old delusions that the Roman writers would have written about some mighty Svear at the beginning of our era. It is not possible to study Gotlandic history or Gotlandic world-uniqe churches in any Swedish university as there are no such subjects.

However on "Unik upptackt i ostersjon" I have over the years been able to discuss history with scholars in various countries. As regards the world-unique Gotlandic Medieval churches Professor Emeritus Jan Svanberg has been my mentor since early s and I have followed him on various excursions to churches in Gotland, in Sweden, in Russia and in southern Europe. I have also arranged excursions with Jan as guide to Gotlandic churches.

After the book-release of "Gotland the Pearl of the Baltic Sea" in august I started with the project of the Gotlandic churches with Jan Svanberg as my mentor. I realized something was wrong with the dating and could soon prove that they were up to years older that available research showed.

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I worked 8 hours a day seven days a week for two years. I used three computers to access my research material that I had scanned and is available in pdf on my server. The Gold Ring from Havor It was in that one of the most remarkable archaeological finds, ever found in the Baltic Sea region, came to light in the Havor ancient castle-fort in the south of Gotland.

But not only is this find But not only is this find scientifically important, it was also a genuine fairy- tale treasure of everything that one associates with it. There was a large bronze vessel, with its richly ornate fittings covered with a flat stone, under which there was a huge, richly decorated ring of shiny gold.

The history of the Varangians and their world-unique Medieval Churches Unik upptackt i ostersjon more. To understand the history of the Gotlandic Merchant Republic and its Medieval Churches, one must fully realize that Gotland was an independent Merchant Republic, and the hub of the Baltic Sea region, which from time "Unik upptackt i ostersjon" had its To understand the history of the Gotlandic Merchant Republic and its Medieval Churches, one must fully realize that Gotland was an independent Merchant Republic, and the hub of the Baltic Sea region, which from time immemorial had Unik upptackt i ostersjon relations mainly east and south and controlled trade on the Russian rivers from time to time.

The Gotlandic history is misleading and difficult to understand if it is bundled with the Swedish history, that so far has been done. Gotland only became part of Sweden in From there comes later the name Russia. This linguistic usage tells Unik upptackt i ostersjon already a lot. In the Baltic Sea and on the Russian rivers there were no Vikings. The Gotlandic merchants were called Varangians.

A couple of hundred years later there came rowing Svear to Finland and Estonia who went on crusades and conquered their lands and were then called Ruotsi and Rootsi. The large amount of Scandinavians come in the s with Ingvar and his warriors. It fits pretty well with the fact that in the west there were mostly sudden passing military assaults, which did not allow any linguistic contact. They sold Unik upptackt i ostersjon, weapons and slaves and were paid in hard cash.

Gotland has today the worlds largest collection of coins from the Islamic Caliphate, most of them minted in Bagdad. Most of these bases were destroyed in about There are three separate written sources that mention it and a coin with the emperor Theophilos was found in the large silver hoard at Spillings.

A Gotlandic fleet with ships besieged Constantinople in with the outcome of long lasting agreemets between the Gotlanders and the Byzantine Emperor. The most authoritative source on the first Christianization of the Rhos is an encyclical letter from the Patriarch Photius, datable to early Referencing to the Rhos-Byzantine War ofPhotius informs the Oriental patriarchs and bishops that, after the Bulgars turned to Christ inthe Rhos followed suit so zealously that he found it prudent to send a bishop to their land.

This fits very well with Guta Saga, which is the foreword to Guta Lagh written down aboutthat says: The merchants saw Christian customs in Christian lands. Some of them allowed themselves to be baptised, and brought priests to Gotland. We today know Unik upptackt i ostersjon 55 wooden churches, probably all from the s.

From the beginning of the s the wooden churches were replaced with Romanesque stone churches in Macedonian Renaissance art.

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Macedonian Renaissance art was a period in Byzantine art which began in the period following the death of Emperor Theophilus in and the lifting of the ban on icons, iconoclasm. The Gotlandic church was like the Armenian and Georgian churches independant and did never submit to any bishop. During the first years the Gotlandic Church was Byzantine with Byzantine ritual and paintings. Passing bishops inaugurated new churches.

Birka was established as a Gotlandic Varangian trading Emporium at the northern point of the Rus-Varangian trading route to Bagdad https: Gotland the pearl of the Baltic Sea, home of the Varangians pages more. Let us look at the archaeological evidences and take such a simple example as the Roman coins from Tacitus time and there about, denarius, found in present day Sweden.

Or take the quantity of bronze bowls from the Capuan factory outside Naples found on Gotland. How can Swedish scholars with this quantity of finds on Gotland from the Roman Imperial time pretend that Gotland did not exist?

Tacitus wrote about Suionum Civitate. He accordingly tells about the people who lived in Mare Suebicum the Baltic Seai.

So notoriously do they degenerate not only from a state of liberty, but even below a state of bondage. Here end the territories of the Suevians. From the archaeological findings we can accordingly establish that trade relations between Gotland and the Roman Empire were intense.

No Svea kingdom as such existed yet at that time. It is quite clear that historical observations can not only be based on name similarities, but one must first look at the map, the archaeological finds and the chronological development and only secondarily try to match the names that different peoples have had in different areas at different Unik upptackt i ostersjon, and "Unik upptackt i ostersjon" these names first appear in written sources.

The early history is a piece of myth, oral tradition and fragmentary records. From all this can suddenly emerge a pattern, the outline of a process that may not be scientifically inviolable, which it never really can be. Yes also that of Europe. Trade, especially amber trade, experiences in the Bronze Age a large bloom. The Gotlanders seem to have controlled the amber trade with trading Emporiums in Unik upptackt i ostersjon Vistula area. The extensive trade relations convey influences from outside.

From southern Unik upptackt i ostersjon centers, Egypt, Crete, Mycenae, spiritual impulses stretched their effects also to the Baltic Sea region and Gotland. Their entrance on the stage changes the situation in the Baltic Sea region.

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The wars between the Skilfings Svear and the Gotlanders are mentioned in the Beowulf epos. The Guta Saga tells that the Gotlanders always kept the victory and their right: There were large Gotlandic trading Emporiums, i. Indeed the history of the whole Baltic Sea region has come in a whole new light. We now have a link between the Beowulf epos, Guta Saga and the archaeological finds from the s and s.

Roman gold coins known as solidi have been found on the three Baltic Sea islands: The latter have been intended as raw material and are according to the researchers most likely derived from Gotland. From the s until the s the Gotlanders have, according to Swedish researchers, been considered to rarely be mentioned in ancient sources. It was a common word, when trading adventures were undertaken by Gotlandic tradesmen on the Russian rivers. Unik upptackt i ostersjon closed a business contract with each other and pledged to defend each other.

Gotland the pearl of the Baltic Sea, home of the Varangians, pages Gotland the Pearl of the Baltic Sea, home of the Varangians pages more. Guta Lagh with its foreword Guta Saga more. It not only complement the written sources. With the name Tjelvar the Gotlandic history begins. Such an interpretation is likely considering the mythological character that the Guta Saga undoubtedly Unik upptackt i ostersjon. The Thor cult seems to have had a wide expansion on Gotland.

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Thor and his servant who belong together as mythical nature beeings were wellknown. From these three originated since the entire Gotlandic people. This name stands there like an exotic flower in an otherwise entirely Nordic name flora.

Tore Gannholm studies Archaeology, Culture,...

If you agree with the Low German interpretation it gives the Guta Saga still another mythological dimension. With the wisest it could refer to the goddess Athena in Greek mythology. In the Guta Saga it says that some Gotlanders emigrated to Greece. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, warfare, strength, strategy, female arts, crafts, justice and skill.

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Vilket en unik riktning krävs en internationell jämförelse som ligger utanför denna undersöknings.

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