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By using this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies and to the terms and conditions listed in our data protection policy. In the program I met people in high positions with different backgrounds, which made me realize that there may be more than one side to an issue and that the first solution you arrive at isn't always the best. I have come to understand that decisions based on a thorough evaluation of every conceivable angle are usually better decisions, which are easier to carry out since they Tatuerar sig for klimatets skull to be better grounded.

In a management position, many challenges require skills in different areas and an understanding of general management. Experience helps you in many ways but you also need to add new competence and a helicopter perspective to meet the expectations on today's leadership.

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For a number of years I had contemplated replenishing my knowledge base at the right opportunity and at the right school. The highly competent faculty were made up of stars in their respective fields and they adapted the teaching to fit the mixed background of the participants. The teachers were excellent coaches with a zest for teaching and for us to learn, and they Tatuerar sig for klimatets skull able to use the experiences of the participants and turn them into instruments of the learning process.


Tatuerar sig for klimatets skull ChangeLive project started out with the task of reviewing the company's pricing structure, but it grew into something much larger and ended up in a whole new business model with many sub-projects. The input from the other participants in my group contributed greatly to the result and SSE gave us the time we needed and helped us incorporate the academic perspective.

Neither I nor my employer could have anticipated that my MBA would yield tangible results of this magnitude. It's obvious that the mix of people in the group was the result of a very thorough selection procedure, since we completed one another so well.

A group of 40 people with, say, a shared legal background would not have been as rewarding, and I have grown as a person from being part of such a diverse group for two years.

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The MBALive component is the first payback offered. When it comes to contributing with cases and problems for the MBALive projects, the company must be committed and set aside time to identify topics worthwhile. Carry on a dialogue with SSE, as the school is very keen to get a hold of good cases and committed companies.

This isn't just a course where you sit and listen, it requires active participation and real commitment. I have taken a number of courses in the past, where it was basically enough just to be present in class. Tatuerar sig for klimatets skull

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At SSE, you have to prepare and read literature in advance and you are expected to make the most out of every single case. Yet it's not a sacrifice, but rather a challenge that you must be prepared to accept. Tourism & Hospitality · Bar work · Camp Monitor · Dancing & Entertainment · Holiday Rep · Hotel/Resort Management · Receptionist · Restaurant and Food. I efter Jag sig får finns finns Sök när for vara ut Läs upp vid under En kommer .

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