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Chilenska studenter stormade mote


A few months ago I was at the circus with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend. It was a small, German circus with dilapidated vehicles and trailers. The audience was not large; a few children with friends and family sat on folding chairs around the ring, the customary wooden rows had not been raised along the tent walls. The performers were few as well, apparently the German owners and their children and a small group of Russians.

All of them appeared in various guises. The circus princess had passed her prime, but was nevertheless still quite arresting. She acted as horse trainer Chilenska studenter stormade mote trapeze artist.

Self-assured she performed her acts with admirable precision. I assumed it was her husband who acted as a clown and strong man of the acrobats; the Russians, who in addition to performing various acrobatic numbers also acted as jugglers, knife throwers and participated in the director's clown numbers, which actually were quite witty and fun.

Although the performers were talented and could have been quite outstanding even in a larger circus context, the performance nevertheless gave a somewhat pathetic impression, as in the rather tragic Chilenska studenter stormade mote movies that occasionally reach us from countries such as Italy or Spain.

The feeling that lingered after the lights had been dimmed was more melancholy than elated, something that favored the specific mood of the evening's second activity. I had been there once before and knew that the site would appeal to my daughter and her boyfriend.

They are archaeologists and thus, with some exceptions, interested in everything that is older than a hundred years. Grandiose resolve subdued the hill, iron met bronze, when the adventure began. I lament the fact that I cannot find any translation into English and am thus forced to rely on my own clumsy attempts to make a beautiful poem understandable, while throwing rhyme and rhythm overboard. To get at least a hint of the original splendor of the poem you may try to read the original aloud, which you find in the Swedish version of my blog.

The poem has at least twice been set to music and both versions were quite good. In May, in sunlight. An oak grove on a hill, a hundred meters in circumference, harbors seven stone ships and fifty standing stones. In the areas around Mala and Vankiva we find quite a few remains of settlements from the time when the legendary Vikings were active in the northern Chilenska studenter stormade mote. In those days there are no conifer trees in the area, only leafy ones.

Men and women were buried together, but it is quite rare to find any buried children. Chilenska studenter stormade mote initially erect stones at the Mala grave field have fallen down due to earth movements caused by frost and summer heat. Many boulders have probably been carried away by farmers to serve as stone fences or becoming part of house foundations, but surprisingly many are still standing and the place has retained an air of mystery and seclusion.

It was still summer and even though the hour was late the dusk lingered on when I arrived at the grave field with Esmeralda and Vincenzo. We had with us a thermos and cinnamon buns and sat down by a rickety table in the middle of the burial ground, which bore traces of once having been adapted to visitors. However, only a few rotted planks remained of the boardwalks, while the information signs had through rain and tear become unfathomable.

It did not matter much, the place had a unique atmosphere that was not marred by the decay that characterized the municipality's attempts to popularize the site. The endurance of the site reigned supreme, the leaves of the old oaks did not move, in the distance bellowed some cows.

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The setting sun made long shadows behind the erect stones. As we sat at the table with our coffee cups and cinnamon buns we watched the stones and realized that the ships formed a flotilla travelled in the same direction with the shadows in their wake. Were they sailing towards the Realms of the Dead? Were these kingdoms to be found in the West? As we gazed at the stone ships we were seized by a remarkable illusion of movement, as if we, or the Chilenska studenter stormade mote world, were slowly moving in the same direction as the ships.

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The sense of mystery and magic was reinforced by our unexpected company. A gray cat, not much more than a kitten, had approached us as we walked up towards the burial ground plateau. Frisky and alert she jumped around our legs, or cuddly stroke herself against them.

While we drank our coffee and ate the buns she jumped up on the Chilenska studenter stormade mote. My daughter who remembered the dog that many years earlier, had followed us through the temple area of Cumae, a walk I have described in an earlier blog entry, found the cat's interest in us somewhat unnerving. Was she some kind pyschopomp, watching over the cemetery?

It is thus no coincidence that the witches of Nordic folklore always had cats as their companions. The dark aspect of Freya was linked to her power over the "Chilenska studenter stormade mote" earth's fertile strength and she was therefore closely related to Hel, the terrible mistress of the Underworld. One of Freya's many names were Valfreyja, Lady of the Fallen, and it was said that half of all the deceased belonged to her. So was it any wonder if she had chosen a cat to guard the Mala Chilenska studenter stormade mote To lighten up the ghostly mood, I explained to my daughter that the cat's interest in us was typical of her specie.

If you cuddled a cat and showed it your kind interest it often happened that it followed you and it would be quite hard to shake off. I feared that she, for some reason I assumed it was a female cat, would follow us down to the car and thus ran the risk of being run over when we left the place. The cat's behavior did not confirm my fears, but made my daughter quite confused. Having been with us throughout our stay in the grave field she sat down Chilenska studenter stormade mote we arrived at the gate by the entrance.


She sat there, completely still, looking after us when we got into the car and drove away, just like the dog had done when we left Cumae many years earlier. In the darkness under the big oak trees we walked cautiously up the hill until we came to the clearing where the four largest and best preserved stone ships could be found. The moon had disappeared, but above us arched the canopy of a mighty night sky. The air was chilly when we quietly Chilenska studenter stormade mote and watched the dark stones.

My daughter raised her head and exclaimed: The Milky Way is right above us!

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The ships are following it! The stone ships were placed in exactly the same direction as the Milky Way. It was as if they followed it to the Kingdom of the Dead. I do not have the faintest idea if a similar relationship to the Milky Way is evident in other Viking burial grounds, though in Mala the entire fleet of stone vessels were placed directly under it. At night the gods used it as their route over the heavens, by day they traveled along the rainbow, which also was Chilenska studenter stormade mote Bifrost.

For in the middle of the farmer's plot Ale has embarked on the ship of Death, the last he owns. Lindow, John Norse Mythology: Det var en liten, tysk cirkus med nerslitna fordon och vagnar. Marceau that haunted my brain. In the world of grown-ups, children are mysterious creatures.

Their exoticism may be traced on the web where kids are even more popular than mischievous cats and dressed-up animals and contrary to them they are even providing Chilenska studenter stormade mote readers with some wisdom of their own, Chilenska studenter stormade mote Everyone who talks with kids will one time or another become amazed by the insights they are able to provide. Children grow up, but the joy they provide remains. Soon, they cease to be the small, lovable creatures they once were, though nevertheless their wisdom sometimes shines through even when they have grown up.

An enchanted place where so much is new, startling and exciting. After having been with me for a few months, my older daughter has just left me for new adventures. Sometimes we spent our evenings together by the fire place, talking about life and art in particular. Lately, we talked about her plans to design a performance that she in lack of a better word calls a freak show.

I assume a freak show was something like a circus act intended to entertain a paying audience through the exposure of deformed fellow beings. Fortunately has such depravities been discontinued within our modern and globalized societies, though some aspects of the deplorable activities have been resumed by television.

Who is a freak? Chilenska studenter stormade mote are the most common freaks? Dwarfism is such a conspicous condition that persons suffering from it have in most cultures and epochs attracted curiosity, jokes and fantasies from their fellow human beings. Since art tends to provide an alternative view of the world, dwarfs have often been consigned to that sphere.

Nowadays, dwarfs seldom appear in circus and I suspect that this state of affairs has bereaved some of them Chilenska studenter stormade mote traditional livelihood. She gave me a book Chilenska studenter stormade mote Curious George. His portrayer, Peter Dinklage, is is often asked about his importance as a role model and spokeperson for dwarfs:. I don't know what I would say.

Every person my size has a different life, a different history. Different ways of dealing with it. Just because I'm seemingly okay with it, I can't preach how to be okay with it. I don't think I still am okay with it. When I was younger, I definitely let it get to me. As an adolescent, I was bitter and angry, and I definitely put up these walls. But the older you get, you realize you just have to have a sense of humor.

You just know that it's not your problem. The freak shows, after having been forbidden in England for almost fifty years, began to disappear from the US in the s. Even if more than thirty minutes of the most horrific sequences had been cut and lost forevermoviegoers in general were appalled by what they saw. Freaks was quickly removed from the repertoire and in England it was for more than thirty years banned from public screening.

The career of Tod Browning, who had had a great success with his movie Draculaderailed completely due to the reception of Freaks, though cineastes rediscovered the movie in the early s and it was hailed as a masterpiece at the Cannes festival. Chilenska studenter stormade mote have marveled at how Tod Browning could be able to use people who were severely malformed in a commercial horror film production.

One explanation may be that he already at the age of sixteen ran away from his wealthy family and for several years worked in circuses, where he became well acquainted with many of the freaks who at that time appeared in circuses and itinerant market shows. People who despite the misery and alienation they often were forced to endure, could find a place and some respect among the rootless artists and odd characters that made a living within the circus world.

Freaks is still a shocking movie and I became quite upset while watching it. årig "egyptier" döms till 17 års fängelse för mord på en student strax innan den somaliske medborgaren till en moské, som sedan stormades av Polisen. fredrik frederick fredrik fredrik fler more kort cards kort kort kort short kort brief .

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