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Main Navigation Main Content. Fainting at the sight of blood is not an uncommon habit. So what causes it and do you need to do anything about it? The knife slips into your finger when you're preparing dinner. Your child appears with a nose bleed. Or perhaps you just see blood on a TV show. You start to feel light-headed, nauseous and sweaty. Your face goes white and you drop to the ground. If you're one of the 2 to 4 per cent of the population who faints at the sight of blood, then you know how annoying, inconvenient or potentially dangerous this phenomenon can be.

We don't even really know why it happens, says fainting researcher and cardiologist Dr Susan Corcoran. In fact, the exact mechanism behind almost all fainting episodes is somewhat of a scientific mystery, says Corcoran, from Melbourne's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

In about a sixth of cases an underlying Out of sight arets film i usa condition is to blame. But in everyone else, including those who faint when they see blood, the temporary loss of consciousness is due to a problem controlling blood pressure. It means the Out of sight arets film i usa doesn't get enough blood and you collapse to the ground.

This doesn't necessarily mean that people who faint have a problem with their blood pressure at other times. It's just that in response to certain stressors, their bodies don't respond as well as normal to changes in the distribution of blood when they stand up. Indeed prolonged standing is one of the more well-known and readily understood triggers for fainting, along with hot weather and dehydration including being hungover.

Director Tsui Hark, schooled in...

It's usually an unexpected severe pain, like say, hitting your thumb with a hammer. Some other fainting types though are purely emotional: Normally, our bodies have a highly efficient system to compensate for changes that happen when we stand up. The brain senses reduced blood flow to the upper body, and a message is sent via nerves to blood vessels in the legs and pelvis to make them tighten and so force blood back up your body to restore the flow.

But if you're prone to fainting, the chemical signal that makes blood vessels tighten isn't strong enough. This means blood can start pooling in the lower body. You will start to feel unwell and your blood pressure will slowly drop.

Then something happens to make blood pressure drop dramatically, and you quickly fall to the ground. While fainting can be scary, it serves to fix the problem because the effect of gravity is removed and blood flow to the brain is restored. Fainting at the sight of blood is classed as part of a response to a specific phobia of blood.

It comes under the broader category of 'blood-injection-injury phobia' in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association. But Corcoran questions this classification. Research has shown blood fainters don't experience the emotion of disgust any more readily than people who don't faint at sight blood, she says. Often when people describe it, it's the child rushing in gushing blood or they're shocked that they've cut themselves with a knife and there's that whole emotional response.

Fortunately, not knowing the exactly mechanism why we faint doesn't mean we can't prevent fainting episodes. When you know ahead of time you'll face a situation where you might faint, it can help to drink millilitres of water minutes beforehand to stimulate tightening up of blood vessels, Corcoran says. Crossing your legs and tightening the muscles in your legs and buttocks can also help if Out of sight arets film i usa stuck in a standing situation and start to feel faint.

If you don't improve, you could try squatting down, which more forcefully pushes blood out of your legs and stomach and up to your brain. You just pretend you've dropped something or your shoelace is undone Out of sight arets film i usa squat]. It's something you can do really quickly and hopefully it will stop it. Knowing strategies that can prevent episodes of fainting can increase your confidence and reduce anxiety, which in turn can make you less sensitive to fainting.

Anxiety can make fainting more likely because it releases the hormone adrenaline, which promotes blood flow to the legs.

This is part of the 'fight or flight' response that has evolved to help us escape from danger by running away. The fact it can increase the risk of fainting might Out of sight arets film i usa at odds with a response that is designed to help us escape a threat.

But some argue it has evolved because 'playing dead' by falling and becoming immobile can induce some predators to stop their attack and leave an animal alone. If you are based in Melbourne and are interested in participating, email fainting. About Us Contact Sitemap.

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This site is being redeveloped. For all the latest ABC Health content click here. Features 25 comments Share Print. Fainting Facts Fainting usually starts in the teen years but people often outgrow it. However, some will continue to have fainting episodes throughout life.

Others will grow out of it only to have it return again when they are much older.

Why some of us faint...

Although most fainters have normal or low blood pressure, almost always older people who are prone to fainting have high blood pressure at other times. Usually, a fainting episode will only last a few seconds, although it Out of sight arets film i usa make the person feel unwell and recovery may take several minutes. Lying down with elevated feet usually helps recovery.

If a person doesn't recover quickly after lying down, always seek urgent medical attention. Although fainting due to serious causes is much less common than fainting due to blood pressure regulation problems, Corcoran says everyone who has a faint should see their doctor to discuss the episode and determine if further investigation is required. More info Fainting - Better Health Channel.

Can a hot drink help keep you cool in hot weather? Why some of us faint at the sight of blood The question we fear to ask 8 common exercise beliefs that can hold you back More. Elsewhere on the web Fainting - Better Health Channel.

Director Tsui Hark, schooled in Out of sight arets film i usa the US and Hong Kong, fills the screen with movement and energy. He's surely the most graceful martial artist out there. It's one of the most celebrated sequences in martial arts movies, and it. we never lose sight of who is karate-chopping the windpipe of whom.

Movie reviews, news and features from critics and reporters of The New York Times. Netflix to 'Bird Box' Fans: Please Open Your Eyes. The streaming service issued a warning about acting out a popular meme: walking around Follow Us. @aoscott · @ManohlaDargis · @brooksbarnesNYT · @caranyt · nytwatching. Out of Sight is a American crime comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh and written A career bank robber, Jack Foley, and a U.S.

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Marshal, Karen Sisco, are forced to share a car trunk during Foley's escape from a Florida prison.

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Out of sight arets film i usa

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  • Movie reviews, news and features from critics and reporters of The New York Times. Netflix to 'Bird Box' Fans: Please Open Your Eyes. The streaming service issued a warning about acting out a popular meme: walking around Follow Us. @aoscott · @ManohlaDargis · @brooksbarnesNYT · @caranyt · nytwatching.
  • Director Tsui Hark, schooled in both the US and Hong Kong, fills the screen with movement and energy. He's surely the most graceful martial artist out there. It's one of the most celebrated sequences in martial arts movies, and it . we never lose sight of who is karate-chopping the windpipe of whom. Arts & Books The man responsible for some of the greatest films ever made, and who technique to allow the bomb to go off because it killed the suspense, O Selznick for his first US movie and as such, Rebecca has Selznick's . in took pole position in Sight and Sound's greatest movie list and.
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No To FWB...Did I Do The Right Thing? Out of Sight is a American crime comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh and written A career bank robber, Jack Foley, and a U.S. Marshal, Karen Sisco, are forced to share a car trunk during Foley's escape from a Florida prison. Ip Man is a biographical martial arts film based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the Ip Man grossed over US$21 million worldwide, despite not being released in North America and most of Europe. .. out of four, writing that the film was "nicely balanced with great martial arts action and an engaging narrative..



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Out of sight arets film i usa

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