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Dagens namn hubert hugo 9


The established ensemble reinterprets also in the sixth issue Christmas songs from all over the world in a jazz spirit, bringing together the well-known with the less familiar, combining the cheerful with the contemplative. Folkjul II — a Swedish Folk Christmas Well into the previous century Sweden was largely a peasant society with folk music an integral part of daily life.

There were work songs, narrative ballads and, obviously, music for dancing. Over the centuries a not always easy coexistence between religion and folk culture developed, with hymns being adapted to a folkmusic aesthetic while popular traditions were given a Christian veneer. Stephen — the first Christian martyr. Gunnar Idenstam and S: Star of Heaven The Eton Choirbook is famous — and important — because it uniquely preserves some of the most spectacular music composed in Britain before the age of Purcell and Handel.

Had this book not survived, literally dozens of superb pieces would have been irretrievably lost. Whilst the book itself is of huge historic significance, its legacy is immeasurable, informing and influencing scores of composers and performers for more than years. This unique recording emphasises that legacy with the premiere of four new commissions by contemporary composers all inspired by the works from the Eton Choirbook alongside which they sit.

Our selection of carols for this album unveils a whole treasure chest of offerings, some familiar, some less so, all giving voice to various elements of the nativity story. With the generous support of the Pureland Foundation we focus both on the miraculous Incarnation and the central role of the Virgin Mary. "Dagens namn hubert hugo 9" for Christmas Day The rebirth of the Gallican chant.

This album is a set of carols newly composed by Greek-Cypriot composer Cilia Petridou. As musical works they also qualify as art-song in fine performances by three excellent sopranos. For Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 who love Christmas music but want something new, this album will fit the bill. The three sopranos each take a number of solo carols and form a trio for the last two; Lesley-Jane and Alison have both worked with the composer for some time and also made several highly-praised recordings for Divine Art and Metier.

Cilia Petridou was an accomplished pianist until her career Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 ended by major surgery since when she has concentrated on composition. Moving with her family to the UK after the Turlish invasion of north Cyprus which destroyed their home town of Famagusta, her music is often informed by that political tragedy, but her Kalanda are bright and full of joy. The Chamber Choir of the Dresden Frauenkirche then follows.

The chamber choir of the Frauenkirche Dresden, this time supported by the Reuss Chamber Orchestra, is then heard again with the Sanctus and Benedictus from Joseph Haydn's "Harmoniemesse.

An opulent Christmas treat for the ears! Here we have a festive Christmas Mass as might have been heard in a great Lutheran church in the North of Germany in around This 11CD set brings together the music which Johann Sebastian Bach wrote for the celebration of the Nativity, the most important feast of Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 liturgical year.

As Cantor of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig Bach had to write a Cantata for each Sunday, and the Christmas Season inspired him to write some of his most famous, festive and jubilant Cantatas.

Contains newly commissioned liner notes on each piece in the set by Peter Quantrill. French music for Christmas Geoffrey Webber and his choir have developed a reputation for exploring the unusual, and this album is no exception. A number of traditional Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 melodies have been adapted "Dagens namn hubert hugo 9" the years to become familiar Christmas fare in English-speaking lands; on this recording, though, they are heard in their original French arrangements, and accompanied by the French-style organ in the chapel of Exeter College, Oxford, with its pungent reeds and powerful string stops.

The resulting Romantic fervour is an aspect of Christmas that is sometimes lost amid the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Christmas trees and domestic bliss, and it gives fresh context and meaning to beloved music from Berlioz and his successors. Here, instead, we hear the choir a cappella in a selection of classic Christmas carols.

A Renaissance Christmas The Sixteen explores a stunning selection of festive works from the Renaissance capturing the joy and sincerity of this most wonderful of seasons. The House without a Christmas Tree Precocious Addie Mills is smart and energetic, just like the mother she never knew.

Addie has no idea why her father resents the holidays so intensely, refusing even to allow a Christmas tree in the house. Based in Greenwich, East London the choir is comprised of both students from the conservatoire Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 several choral scholars as well as outstanding volunteer singers. As well as being renowned as a singer Roderick Williams Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 also well-respected as a composer, and his works have been premiered at the Wigmore and Barbican Halls, the Purcell Room and live on national radio.

Thomas, with readings and music for both Advent and Christmas, is presented here in the rich acoustics of the Chapel of St. In these nights, images of oppressive, bare forests collide with the Christmas message of hope.

Time and again, they have inspired composers and poets to works which capture their very unique atmosphere. The LaCappella family consists of a number of ensembles of varying size, who here their attention to compositions and arrangements by Ola Gjeilo and Edward Elgar, by Wilhelm Nagel and John Rutter, bringing these works together on an inspiring CD which melds clear, frosty nights with the warmth of candlelight.

Raunachte tells stories of stillness, snow, and joyful expectation. The Night of Saint Nicholas: Pagan patterns were readapted to Christianity — and a canonised bishop from fourth-century Asia Minor, Nikolaos, whose feast occurred near the winter solstice, merged with another bearded benefactor.

The pieces on this recording mainly from a thirteenth-century English manuscript belong to the liturgy for the eve of the Feast of St Nicholas: Readings and additional songs come from the repertory associated with this widely popular saint, celebrated throughout the Middle Ages from Italy to Iceland.

Originally released inthis joint performance by La Reverdie and Cantori Gregoriani received enthusiastic reviews in several music magazines: Imagine Christmas Your eyelids narrow to slits and you tuck head to chin, bracing against icy gusts as you make for a battery of persuasive, brightly-lit store windows. No eleventh-hour frenzy this year. Tiny platoons of chattering children curl the corners of your frosty lips skyward as the soothing aromas of mulling spices and candied confections drift past.

An infinity of sparkling lights showering the trees stirs something inside you.

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Something lovely, and pure, and radiant. An inviting cloud of warm air envelops you as you thrust the first door open. Your ears prick up as you begin to Imagine Christmas… Note the three striking elements on this record, from the minute you press play.

The first is the quality of the performances. These are top-level musicians bringing their same superlative artistry to Christmas favorites that they do to a Schubert quartet or Taverner score. The second is the sterling quality of the recording. Third—and in every way as essential as the previous two—this is a kaleidoscopic collection of styles and interpretations of beloved songs and carols that keeps me eager for the next number.

With such a fetching Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 of artists and approaches, I find myself going top-to-tail on this one. And of course, Skylark. Chirping grooves concocted by twitching bow hair behind the bridge send us off in an altogether more festive direction.

Coursing us back into the especially "Dagens namn hubert hugo 9" Christmas territory of the folk traditions are lute luminary Ron McFarlane and the bewitching celtic collective of Ensemble Galilei. With the multiplicity of sounds offered on this record, any listener is bound to point to a favorite.

Iroquois County Illinois age during...

Imagine a Christmas in which every carol is this inspired. A Finnish Christmas Riemuitkaamme! Several of the pieces are by Finnish composers — Sibelius, Rautavaara and Madetoja, to name a few — while others have become part of the Christmas traditions of the country despite their international background. All three of these were included in the collection Piae cantiones fromthe oldest Finnish music publication.

Here, they are performed in settings by various composers from different countries and eras — forming a kind of soundtrack of Christmases past and present, distant and close. Contemporary music forms an important part of the activities of the Helsinki Chamber Choir and Nils Schweckendiek, and true to form, the team includes a world premiere recording in their celebrations: Aattoilta, by the Canadian-born composer Matthew Whittall.

With evocative works by the Baroque master Dietrich Buxtehude and the circle of 17th-century northern German composers around him, Paul Hillier conducts his Grammy award-winning ensemble Theatre of Voices in a stimulating addition to the traditional Christmas Dagens namn hubert hugo 9. Until now just a personal gift to his friends, John was persuaded to record a selection, which has led to this beautiful album.

Presented by the chamber choir Intimate Voices which also performs as Voces Intimae and featuring sopranos Sasha Johnson Manning, Eleanor Gregory and Philippa Hyde in solo Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 duet pieces, with obbligato harp and oboe in some, this is a lovely mixed programme of Nativity carols, composed Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 much in traditional style, in new settings of ancient texts.

Under the direction of Florian Helgath, the chorus sings German holiday classics along with selections from France, Italy and Great Britain. A close alignment with Christmas and the music of the season makes for a truly wonderful Christmas holiday. These charming performances show why their joyous, fun-packed Christmas concerts, conducted by the inimitable Christopher Bell, are always a highlight of the Scottish seasonal calendar.

At turns rousing, sentimental, cheering and familiar this is the perfect present this Christmas.

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German Advent Songs - Gorgeous arrangements of old and new Christmas carols. For many CDs that fit thematically in the wintertime, it's all about Christmas.

For the a cappella ensemble Schwersterhochfunf, this is going one step too far: The five sisters come from a family which placed special emphasis on singing during Advent. For their CD German Advent Songs, the singers go back to their roots and pick up on this beautiful tradition. Because there is little musical material for this unusual setting, a virtue was made out of necessity: Schwesterhochfunf invited befriended composers to write custom arrangements for the well and lesser known Advents songs anew.

A additional tone color is given to several of these simple, beautiful songs when the brother of the five sisters accompanies the female voices with his rich bass. O sanctissima, O du frohliche — Christmas Songs, V The more you lose yourself in the wonderful world of the Christmas carols, the deeper you want to dive into them. Ursus in Solothurn are the oldest boys' choir in Switzerland. With Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal they bridge the gap between the Middle Ages and modern times by Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 blending carols and motets of the old masters together with those of contemporary composers.

With the CD, the Singknaben, under the direction of Andreas Reize, string together Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 row of musical gems from different centuries that are all related to each other and Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 provide a comprehensive overview of Christmas traditions over the centuries. Corrette, Dandrieu and Balbastre all wrote exuberant Noels for organ; Michel Corrette developed the idea further with narrative-led instrumental symphonies, which are collected complete on CD2 and performed by a historically informed ensemble.

The collection begins with the Toronto-based Aradia Ensemble. The director Kevin Mallon gave it a specially Canadian flavour by interpolating a version of the French carol with a text in the tribal language of the Huron Indians. A Medieval Christmas Thys Yool is a four-part programme of medieval music in which four images central to the Christmas story are brought together. Beginning with a sometimes melancholy picture of earth-bound humanity Winter and Wassailthe record moves through nativity songs A Child Is Born towards the point at which Christian and pagan traditions come together in Dagens namn hubert hugo 9 adoration of the Virgin which is often expressed in the passionate language of the courtly lo ver.

Christmas with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Brass, Percussion and the Lay Family Concert Organ is a selection of live performances of the DSO's annual holiday concert that show the artistry and playing of the members of "Dagens namn hubert hugo 9" great orchestra in its venue.

Here the choir follows specialist recordings of music by Benjamin Britten, Francis Poulenc and Johannes Brahms with an exquisite celebration of the northern European Christmas. Christmas Oratorio The Dunedin Consort has established a reputation as one of the finest period performance choirs around, under the direction of prize-winning historical performance specialist John Butt OBE.

The multi-award-winning Dunedin Consort has won praise for the natural style of its soloists and renown for the virtuosity of its singers. A cornerstone of the great English choral tradition since the s, the Choir is recognised for its distinctive, rich and expressive sound and is today directed by Andrew Nethsingha. But, how did it all begin? Well, here is the story behind Christmas With My Friends: Choose from pairs of Carrera to buy or order in our online shop at low prices.

Quick, free delivery within Cyprus. of the wettest from standpoint of water". Duration: 9/20/ Dagens namn, 3 november: Hubert, Hugo.

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