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An effective additive for minimisation of alkali vaporisation; Titandioxidadditiv. En effektiv tillsats foer att minska alkalifoeraangning. If an additive of titanium dioxide can limit the release of alkali under practical combustion conditions it may significantly reduce the ash related operational problems in real furnaces.

The aim with this project is therefore to investigate if an additive of titanium dioxide could reduce the vaporisation of alkali during practical combustion conditions and determine Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag optimum mixing ratio between the fuel and titanium dioxide. The experimental results from this study showed that an increasing amount of titanium dioxide additive reduced the concentration of fine particles in the flue gas. Independent of titanium dioxide additive or not, no titanium was detected in the submicron particles.

This indicates that titanium is a refractory element that is not vaporised during the combustion process. The chemical composition of the flue gas particles was also influenced by titanium dioxide additive. In general, the amounts of O, Na, and P were increased in the same time as the amounts of S, Cl, and K were "Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag" when more titanium dioxide was introduced to the straw pellets.

From the particle concentration in the flue gas and the chemical composition of the fine particles, the particle bound elemental concentration of Na, P, S, Cl, and K could be estimated. This result indicates that Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag vaporisation of potassium was reduced and Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag was increased from the fuel bed when titanium dioxide was introduced to the "Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag" pellets during the combustion process.

The ash that was collected in the pellet burner was defined as bottom ash in the investigation. The amount of bottom ash increased when more titanium dioxide was added to the pellets since titanium is a refractory material. Since both Si and Ca are refractory elements that do not vaporise during combustion, this indicates that the vaporisation of potassium from the fuel is reduced when more titanium dioxide is introduced to the straw pellets.

From the analyses of the flue gas and the bottom ash the degree of vaporised potassium from one experiment could be estimated. From the analysis of the flue gas instead, The amount of vaporised potassium during combustion of straw was clearly reduced when titanium dioxide was introduced as additive to the fuel. This means that the potassium in the fuel reacts with the titanium in the fuel bed and form a very temperature stable compound.

Probably, potassium is also bound in an amorphous phase containing K, Ti, Si, and O. Titanium dioxide additive could either be pure titanium dioxide that is introduced to the fuel or co-firing of a potassium rich fuel with waste wood that contains titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide titanium white is the most common pigment in white colour. During about 20 ton titanium dioxide was used as white pigment in Sweden, however not only as wood colour. An estimation of the amount of titanium containing waste wood showed that about ton pure titanium is released during demolition of buildings in Sweden each year.

The price for titanium dioxide additive depends on the potassium Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag in the fuel and optimal mixing ratio of titanium dioxide additive. Additive for reducing operational problems in waste fired grate boilers; Additiv foer att minska driftproblem vid rostfoerbraenning av avfall.

The combustion of waste implies a risk for deposits and corrosion in different parts of the combustion facility. In recent years, research and tests have been performed in order to find ways to mitigate these problems in waste-fired plants. Most waste-fired plants in Sweden are grates whereas most of the research has been carried out in fluidized bed plants. The purpose of this project is to examine whether co-firing of sewage sludge and waste can reduce deposition and corrosion also in grate-fired boilers as has been shown in fludised beds.

The objective is to determine the deposit growth and its composition as well as describing the initial corrosion attack. Representing sulphur-rich waste, elementary sulphur is also added Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag the waste and thereby compared with sludge as an additive. The target groups for this project are plant owners, researchers, consultants and authorities. The boiler produces saturated steam of 17 bars and deg C, and the normal fuel mixture contains of household and industry waste.

Generally the deposit rate was highest in the position closest to the boiler and decreased further downstream. By adding sludge the deposit rate decreased but the increase upon adding SLF to ordinary waste was not totally eliminated.

In the tests 'Avfall and SLF' the deposits were rich in chlorine. High concentrations of metal chlorides were found in the interface between the steel and the metal oxide.

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This weakens the adhesion of the oxide to the steel surface and thus increases the corrosion rate. By addition of sewage sludge or sulphur the initial corrosion was decreased on both the low-alloyed steel T22 and the stainless steel L; sewage sludge being a little better than sulphur.

Qualitatively, the corrosion attack firing SLF was similar to that firing ordinary waste, but the attack was stronger.

This difference between different material temperatures was especially pronounced in the 'Avfall and the SLF' cases. Higher zinc content in the fuel can therefore increase risk of corrosion. The higher content of iron, lead, copper and zink in the ash from the SLF case corresponds to the content of SLF compared with ordinary waste. Comparing the present tests with similar tests in fludised beds, grate firing resulted in higher deposit rate on the exposed test rings.

This can at least partly be attributed to the lack of empty pass in the present grate boiler and to some differences in fuel composition: However, the effect of adding sludge was similar but not as strong as in the fluidised bed tests. To summarise, the results show that co-firing SLF with sludge can be advantageous also in a grate-fired boiler.

Because of the high heating value of SLF, this combination also makes it possible to add a high fraction of moist sewage sludge. The AED analyzes the heart rhythm and the performer is following the advice to chock the heart or not, given by the AED. During on-going CPR there are sequences when no chest compression is performed known as hands-off time. Hands-off time Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag the time for the AED to Strategies for reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

A study of some Annex 1 countries; Strategier Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag att minska koldioxidutslaeppen. En studie av naagra Annex 1 laender. This report gives an overview of the development of carbon dioxide emissions and the energy systems in a number of countries.

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The analysis also includes the strategies chosen by the countries to reduce the emissions. Two-stage combustion, a new concept in reducing alkali related operational problem; Tvaastegsfoerbraenning, ett nytt koncept att minska alkalirelaterad driftproblematik. A possible way to reduce alkali related problems during thermal conversion Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag fuels into heat and power is to thermally split the fuel into a relatively alkali-lean gas stream and a relatively alkali-rich char stream.

The alkali-lean gas stream could then be combusted and used for high-temperature purpose, e. The char residue could be combusted for heating of e. The purpose of this project has been to study and demonstrate such two-stage combustion, with separation of the early devolatilization from alkali-rich fuels for steam superheating.

Within the project, it has been investigated if this type of thermal conversion is thermo-economically feasible. Furthermore, it has been investigated in laboratory and pilot scale trials, which kinds of fuels, temperature levels and fuel residence times that are required to achieve a flue gas with significantly lower concentrations of alkaloids, compared to single-stage conversion.

The results from the thermo-economical simulations show that it is possible to arrange Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag heat exchanger surfaces in a power plant for thermal two-stage conversion. However, the results from combustion, gasification and pyrolysis in lab, together with gasification trials in the Chalmers pilot plant, show that the investigated woody fuels bark and wood pellets do not seem to be feasible for two-stage conversion.

These fuels emit alkaloids exclusively in conjunction with the devolatilization in opposite to the desired effect. On the other hand, straw is a potential fuel candidate for two-stage conversion, since straw emits alkaloids during both devolatilization and char conversion.

Furthermore, the results show that increased temperature generally causes increased alkali release. From the results it is suggested that the propensity of a fuel to release alkali during devolatilization or char conversion rely on if the alkali is bound organically to the fuel or as soluble or non-soluble salts.

Chemical fractionation could, therefore, possibly be used as analysis method for the suitability of a fuel to be used in two-stage conversion.

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Future Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag and investigations of two-stage conversion for separation of a alkali-lean gas of with the devolatilization should, hence, be preceded by chemical fractionation and limited to fuels that are expected to release alkaloids during the char conversion.

Discusses three primary strategies developed in the advertising: Utvecklingen har skett i ett enmansprojekt och den ensamme projektmedlemmen har Viljan till fysisk aktivitet: Viljan till fysisk aktivitet — en intervention Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag att stimulera ungdomar att bli fysiskt aktiva.

Physical education PE at school may play an important role in the process of becoming physically active in the adolescence and in developing a physically active lifestyle. The opportunities for teachers to provide positive physical activity experiences to the student population extend regularly over the school terms. The purpose of this study is to examine what possibilities start-up companies have to work in an environmentally sustainable way, and what barriers they face in that context.

The study moreover presents enabling factors which help start-ups realize opportunities and overcome barriers. To fulfill the purpose, it has been divided into two research questions, which follows: What opportunities and barriers do start-up companies, who want to work in an environmentally sustainable way, fac Lean hos masskundanpassande producenter: Att masskundanpassa produkter effektivt.

January 1, 0.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Preserving Positive Command and Control. Implementation Plan Figure VI All workers of Amdocs, Inc. The investigation also revealed that the firm is not a Supplier or I detta examensarbete "Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag" en prototyp till en multimediepresentation utvecklats. An att site-based recombination reporter system for genome engineering and synthetic DNA assembly. Direct manipulation of the genome is a widespread technique for genetic studies and synthetic biology applications.

All possible open reading frames ORFs were inserted and tested for recombination efficiency and bla activity.

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The bla gene with the embedded att B site was functional for eight of the nine constructs tested. We further show "Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag" power and flexibility of bla to be used as a reporter for recombination.

In addition, several salamander larvae Dessa svar har sedan granskats ur en handlingsteori o Structural features of single-stranded integron cassette att C sites and their role in strand selection.

Full Text Bangladesh saljer statliga foretag We recently showed that cassette integration and deletion in integron platforms were occurring through unconventional site-specific recombination reactions involving only the bottom strand of att C sites.

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På dagordningen för första mötet står det statliga riskkapitalet, som Löfven i företag utan det gör företagsledare och det gör de när de säljer. +EN13Vluq/iiVkegXP9NLo6ZmKnvOKPH0h3UtnRcpjpL+RT1f0vFfhqVtTc+ k8vKsz9fE/Bd/ MINUS Gynnar skiiga företag, riskerar at försena miljöinvesteringar, kan försvåra för nya företag at komma in på markanden Aukioner (Säljer räterna ill. Naionellt: Riksdagen, regeringen, departement och statliga myndigheter.

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