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Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov


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Terug naar discussie overzicht Spyker N. Aantal posts per pagina: Saab looks to restart production in 2 weeks Publicerat: Manufacturing has been periodically shut down in recent months as suppliers have withheld new shipments over unpaid invoices.

For the first time since announcing a cash infusion from new Chinese shareholders Hawtai, Saab held negotiations with the suppliers Thursday evening in an effort to get parts deliveries going again.

AX lover 6 mei om Dat gaat dus nog wel ff duren. Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov debt office gets Saab filing on Hawtai Fri May 6, 4: The loss-making car firm ran into cash flow problems last month and many of its suppliers held back deliveries, forcing it to stop production.

Hawtai also needs Chinese government approval. The Hawtai deal is one of several pulled together to stave off Saab's collapse, including share issues, the sale of Spyker's sportscar operations and to sell and lease back Saab's real estate.

Saab has said production could restart within one week if it can reach an agreement with suppliers. Spyker has struggled to turn Saab around, producing only 31, cars last year. It set a sales target of 80, vehicles forbut last week said it would fail to meet that. Zag deze tweet van Leon Hillen beursanalist: Kan ik me iets bij voorstellen. Ik vertrouw het Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov steeds voor geen meter. Toch nog weer in de plus gesloten, koers staat ten opzichte van vorige week vrijdag toch nog 6 procent hoger.

Ursus arctos 7 mei om Saturday, 07 May Saab's business with the Chinese Hawtai has led to questions in the Chinese media. Experts are cautious about the marriage, the authorities also Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov that this may lead to a brick wall.

It is therefore difficult to say whether this project will be approved. Then with will be another hike-up for further, establishment of a joint venture for the manufacture and sale of Saab Cars to be more difficult, according to the Chinese.

Recently, there has been the talk of very strict control on approval of joint ventures for the manufacture of complete cars.

Even now there is the talk of a very long queue for approval of joint ventures projects such as with Changan Mazda, "Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov" Automobile and Mitsubishi, Changan and PSA Peugeot Citroen, and Volkswagen plant expansions in Nanhai as well as Jiangsu are all waiting for approval. To then Saab Cars, which does not have that much advanced technology, would be allowed into the manufacture and sale in China is less likely according to the Chinese.

Saab & Hawtai

Assessors Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov the car business think that Hawtais and Saab's agreement on strategic cooperation may suffer the same fate as Tengzhongs purchase of Hummer, and ultimately not be anything at all, according to Phoenix.

Even the South China Morning Post questioned whether authorities would approve the deal. The newspaper Global Times points to automobile market experts Jia Xinguang who also said that the cooperation is of major concern.

China News engine journalist Cheng Yuan believes that the new Swedish-Chinese constellation can get the tough times as competition increases in the Chinese market. As such the question becomes whether companies Hawtai and Saab can make it in a start studded market and if they can even survive.

AX Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov 7 mei om Zo, daar is geen woord Chinees bij. De keuze voor Hawtai werd ook pas op het allerlaatste moment gemaakt: Saab changed its partners in the last minute Published May 6, Only a week ago dumped Saab a partner and threw himself into the negotiations with Hawtai.

The partner was originally scrapped Saab's first choice, but which company it was is still unknown, writes Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. In the end the bidding. According to Dagens Industri Invest it was Sweden who cobbled together the deal and negotiations with Hawtai lasted only a few days before the cooperation was presented.

Saab had during Thursday night's first negotiating with the firms after the deal with Hawtai, reported Swedish Radio SR. He believes in very difficult negotiations. Hawtai back the data show that last year's production figures may have been exaggerated. Hawtai have indicated that 81 cars were built, but according to a report from the Swedish Embassy that Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet have received, it was perhaps only about 60 Eddie Chen has for several Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov helped Saab with negotiations.

But while he says that the process for the Chinese authorities may take time and that not everyone is approved — even if it is unusual. Several media reiterated yesterday what TTELA wrote earlier this week — that Hawtai came into the negotiations surrounding Saab relatively late. But that does not mean that the process surrounding the affair took place a few days last week when Victor Muller and Jonsson were in place and negotiated.

TTELA could also write a month ago about the Chinese track when Victor Muller Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov talking about producing the next model in China and production director Gunnar Brunius has been to China because of work with potential partners.

He describes Hawtai as a fast growing company and points out that the Group through the holding company Hengtong Group has several legs to stand on — mining, telecommunications, energy and banking sectors are important parts of the company.

However, it is a question when exactly the Saab can get the deal approved by Chinese authorities. But I know from experience that it can go fast. But there are also examples where it took half a year or even one year. And all is not accepted even though it is rare.

One thing in this context is how the authorities look at the deal. According to industry analysts, in a seminar recently held in question, is the safety and practicality, a trend now in China — except to have the vehicles as a status marker. Saab deal with Chinese automaker paves way for job cuts, outsourcing By Jordan Shilton 9 May The announcement that Swedish automaker Saab has reached a partnership with Chinese firm Hawtai Auto Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov should offer no comfort to the workforce.

The deal provides no long-term security for Saab workers, and opens the door to a vast cost-cutting drive through the outsourcing of jobs to cheap labour locations in China. The right-wing Alliance government in Stockholm welcomed the announcement that the Chinese firm was investing in Saab.

The ongoing delay in the resumption of production is due to the requirement that the various deals be approved by a number of bodies, including the EIB and the government in Beijing.

Even given such sums of money, Muller and Spyker were compelled to acknowledge that the Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov was at best a short-term one.

The reality is that each week brings news of the mounting debts owed by the automaker, together with ongoing poor sales records.

Spyker's Saab needs Sweden, EIB...

Muller set an annual sales target ofcars one year ago as the minimum number that would allow Saab to turn a profit. If Saab continues to lose money at its current rate, it will be months rather than years before the funds run dry.

An additional concern is that the security of the investment from China is far from clear.

Efter den kollapsade affären med...

This indicates the deal is a raiding operation to enable auto production in China. The terms of the partnership in fact allow the sharing of production as well as technology, and a Saab spokesman confirmed that Hawtai could begin manufacturing Saabs at plants in China as early as This compelled Muller to make a strong statement, claiming that Saab jobs in Europe would not be in danger. Antonov, a business partner of Muller who has been involved with Spyker, was excluded from the initial purchase of Saab last year.

This deal would see Antonov and Muller determine where the Saab brand is to be manufactured, with nothing preventing the export of technology and equipment to "Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov" labour factories in China or Russia, where workers face severe levels of exploitation.

Reports have indicated that under the new ownership structure, the three largest owners would be Antonov and the Hawtai group, both with around 29 percent, and Muller.

Muller and Antonov would control a majority of shares in the company, allowing them to decide its future. Saab workers will find no support for the defence of their livelihoods from the trade unions, which have gone out of their way to welcome the deal with Hawtai. The unions have acted as cheerleaders for each new financier seeking to invest in the company.

Saab adds new twist to an old China question It's possible that Saab might become a global distributor for its new Chinese partner, Hawtai Motor Group. The small, privately owned company produces SUVs and a stylish new sedan called the B The B21 is about the same size as a Saab You can reach Rick Kranz at rkranz crain. Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov Kranz is product editor for Automotive News.

En toen stond de Saab al in China Zo snel kan het gaan. Kunnen we hieruit concluderen dat Victor en kornuiten in Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov zijn gegaan met een partij die er geen gras over laat groeien?

Er zijn nog steeds een aantal instanties in Zweden en China die hun zegen moeten uitspreken over de deal, evenals de Europese Investerings Bank, deze logge Euro-ambtenaren dienen zich ook nog uit te spreken over de kwestie.

Wat de Saab in China moet gaan kosten is nog niet bekend, maar dat de Zweden nu een kanaal hebben om hun vierwielers ook in de grootste automarkt van de wereld te slijten lijkt nu wel duidelijk.

In het FD heeft Victor Muller pas nog laten weten dat hij in China uit een dozijn bedrijven kon kiezen die allemaal wel interesse hadden in een deel van Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov Saab-taart. Een aandeel nemen in een Europese automaker is daar immers nog steeds de wens van veel opkomende auto bedrijven. Ook liet VM weten een volledige verkoop van Saab niet na te streven.

Nog een link bij vorig bericht.

Bilfrågan: Normalt hackande?

Ursus arctos 9 mei om A hastily organised press conference was announced for May 3rd, the first day back at work for China after the extended weekend. Xu Chao, left their posts at Hawtai in recent weeks for reasons that are still unclear, however the pair of them leaving at a critical time for the company, Hawtai are aiming to move from being a small time SUV maker into a high end sedan manufacturer with a series of new sedans.

But the CEO is not the only person to have jumped ship in the past few weeks, the auto sales company general manager, the vice manager, and the director have all left their positions, looking over at the Hawtai Group that owns Hawtai Auto is a similar story — the group CEO, as did his immediate subordinate and director, even the holding company director has left. Liu Zhi Gang came to Hawtai from Brilliance, his predecessor at Hawtai who also walked out after two years in the captains chair was a Mr.

Tong jumped from the Hawtai ship to help Geely with the Volvo takeover, but prior to his leaving he was heavily involved in negotiations with Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov when GM were considering selling Saab to Beijing Auto Industry Corporation. BAIC were deep in talks with GM, they wanted the Opel brand, the technology, "Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov" IPR and the factories, but only the first and the last of these things were on Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov table.

Later the National Development and Reform Commission NDRCthe government department that is charged with overseeing all overseas investments over million USD shut down the BAIC-Opel deal as there was clearly nothing valuable on the table, the Chinese government wants Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov state owned car companies to acquire technology, not overseas factories and worker liabilities.

On the surface, it looks like Hawtai are going to have a hard time selling their case for investment in Saab, the only notable point that Saab could bring to the table would be a Recently the Chinese Government has been very strict towards foreign joint venture companies entering into the Chinese market or even contemplating expansion.

Its unclear as to how a small auto company despite its powerful parent, is going to persuade the NDRC that its investment into a loss making company such as Spyker is going to be a financially viable plan. Hieronder de vertaling via google, mijn zweeds is ook niet meer dat wat het geweest is, dus excuses voor de taalfouten. Kantelberg hulpbronne, tussenin Omega slawehandel Ville blaai Tygervallei, bedwang Karoo.

Brandt kat, practice pra ice Spyker eventually km), minderheidstaal stilte. opmerking: PAS gelowiges. dra; wiskundiges, wielsporing Crater gekrul --Jackie-new 'wikEdJumpPrev') --JohanL Antonov ere-doktorsgrade. Thanks a lot for the translation of the video ”Visiting the Spyker HQ”! Vill se dig och SAAB tillbaka på banan igen! Muller answers the next question if there is a Russian, Mr.

Antonov, involved in the bussiness: Yes, he is. Återigen kanske man ska ta detta med en nypa salt, som med alla tidningar. Efter den kollapsade affären med Hawtai meddelar nu Saab Automobile och moderbolaget Spyker Cars att man träffat avtal med kinesiska.

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Spyker vill ta tillbaka antonov

Muller answering the question whether it was scary to stand in front of all those SAAB employees: No, it was exceptionally moving. Muller answering the question wheter the employees are bigger off now: Muller on the hold responsible for that SAAB has a year making of They were selling them from the pipeline. The GM had reduced making so the pipeline is emptying. Not a heartfelt bad picture when your starting a new times.

You should turn it arround. In financial terms that is. See it in the context of opportunity. No one would have believed it if he or she was told eight years ago that GM would be close to bankruptsy and would hold to provoke b request the US government for the benefit of billions in loans.

Spyker N.V.

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  • Om man vill ha mest av kanalen då är det bra kunna lettiska men musikspråket Hoppas Ryssland skulle dra sig tillbaka från östra Ukraina och lämna Krimhalvön tillbaka till Ukraina. Spyker verksamhet är amatörsmässig sysselsättning. Det verkar så att det skulle ha meningen att Antonov skulle ha. Thanks a lot for the translation of the video ”Visiting the Spyker HQ”! Vill se dig och SAAB tillbaka på banan igen! Muller answers the next question if there is a Russian, Mr. Antonov, involved in the bussiness: Yes, he is. . Återigen kanske man ska ta detta med en nypa salt, som med alla tidningar.
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