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Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan


We would like to warn our readers that it is a strong image. At the same time it is an important image, as it shows a side to the war on terrorism that the US does not want the world to see.

It was on 7th September last year that an American drone hit the car she was travelling in. Everyone died — everyone except Aisha.

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After receiving treatment in a hospital in Kabul, one day she was suddenly missing. Amnesty has, on several occasions, made critical statements about US drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.


The report sets out very clear demands for the US to introduce transparency and independent investigations. The fact that ISAF carried out an investigation is not enough, there must be an independent investigator who determines why the strike occurred at all, what evidence existed and who was affected. Being close to people she knows is of course important for her rehabilitation," she says. In an ongoing war, where both sides have acknowledged being in an armed conflict with each other, the laws of war apply, i.

In other words, according to Saud Mahmoudi it is not a breach of international law to carry out drone strikes in Afghanistan, as the Taliban is the warring party. However, there are laws that say that the strike must be proportionate and that civilians in the vicinity of the target must be taken into consideration.

In the incident in which Aisha was injured, six civilian deaths were confirmed. Whether the other eight were civilians or Talibans is one word against another. She sees it as a problem that only when ISAF investigates such incidents, there is no real accountability.

She is also critical about that Aisha's family did not receive information about her in a long time. Meya Jan is at home on his farm in the village of Gamber when he receives a phone call from the neighbouring village. Meya Jan feels a knot building up in his stomach. Did his sister, Taher, and her husband, Abdul Rashid, make it out in time with their children Aisha, 4, and Jundullah, 1? They had been in Kabul because Taher had been having pregnancy troubles and should be on their way home. He hopes that they stopped for a break in Asadabad, capital of the Kunar Province on the border to Pakistan.

It's the 7th of September but it is still hot, and they are likely to have stopped with some relatives for a rest. They aren't answering their mobiles, so he calls his relative, Hasrat Gul, who is in Asadabad. It's the beginning of October and the article we have come to write in Jalalabad in Eastern Afghanistan Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan fallen through.

But as there was a lot of talk at the time about children being injured when they were forced to plant roadside bombs, we decide to visit the city's hospital instead. Doctor Humayoon Zaheer says he hasn't had any such cases. Instead he starts talking about other people they have treated. Dismembered policemen, children with gunshot wounds from battle crossfire and women who have died in childbirth. He shows "Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan" round the hospital telling us about everything they need to be able to provide the best treatment.

She came in a couple of weeks ago, in September. A little girl who had lost Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan face in a drone strike. It was a very unusual case. I'll never forget it. Meya Jan and the other villagers rush off down the road towards the site of the strike. People from the neighbouring village have already started gathering.

It is late afternoon, but the September sunshine is still baking the green velvety mountains. Meya Jan immediately sees that it is Abdul Rashid's red car that has been hit.

The bombs have carved big chunks out of the ground and there's not much left of the car. Body parts lie scattered around the car. A man from the neighbouring village says that they had seen a drone circling the area. The Kunar Province has long been a stronghold for the Taliban, Hezb-e-Islami and al-Qaida alike and the area has seen a lot of bloody battles.

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Most US bases are now deserted and there are few soldiers about. They have been replaced by drones - unmanned planes. The neighbour who saw "Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan" strike says that it first dropped two bombs and when the injured attempted to flee from the car, it dropped three more. Nobody survived, he says. Around him on the ground Meya Jan recognises his family members, several women and children. There is blood everywhere and several of them are completely dismembered.

He is filled with rage. The country was divided after the Russian occupation, which was followed by a bloody civil war and the brutal Taliban regime. They had hoped that the country would be made stronger. But the opposite happened in Kunar. Every time they tried to drive anywhere, they were stopped by US soldiers. Several family members had been arrested and later released. Because of the soldiers, the Taliban planted dangerous roadside bombs along the roads.

There may never have been a school for the children, but at least they used to sit under a large tree and learn to read and write. Ever since the drones began to circle overhead, they have been too scared to even sit there any more. Yet another generation without an education. Everyone was caught between the two conflicting sides. Meya Jan and the others begin lifting the body parts and mangled bodies into a car. They drive them home to the courtyard and line them up in order to wrap and bury them.

Doctor Homayoon holds out the two page medical file about the faceless girl. It says that she arrived at the hospital on the 8th of September, about a month before our visit. Doctor Homayoon thinks she was 8 years old, but the file says she was 4.

She has lost her eyes and nose, it says. According to the file, she is from the village of Gamber in Kunar. I remember the drone strike in Gamber from other media and that President Karzai criticized the US for the civilian deaths. So there was a survivor? Civilians that are killed in air strikes, but above all in drone strikes, is the most sensitive defence issue that the US and President Barack Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan - also known as the drone president - has to deal with.

Throughout his entire presidential term, Obama's military strategy has been to reduce the number of ground troops and replace them with unmanned air strikes piloted from a military base in the US. Primarily air strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. This tactic wins points back home. The number of fallen US soldiers is zero. The material costs are even less. And supporters claim that drones are the most effective way to eliminate terrorism.

Drone strikes have also killed high-ranking military jihadists in those three countries. In Afghanistan, this is a tactic that has driven large groups of Talibans out of Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan areas. But the strategy has also received a lot of criticism, as the unmanned attacks miss the targets, generate counter-productive unrest among the population and because the people controlling the attacks are emotionally detached from the targets.

An ex-drone soldier, one of the people that pushed the bomb button, wrote in the British Guardian newspaper that the images they use do not even clearly show whether the people on the ground are carrying a rifle or a spade. As a result, there has been criticism that the Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan of civilian victims is far too high.

A much-discussed report from by Stanford and New York University documented civilian victims, of which were children, from strikes since in Pakistan alone. Both the UN and Amnesty have demanded independent investigations into drone incidents. The military term for civilian victims is collateral damage, in other words losses that are only to be expected during war.

The four year old girl that the doctors in Jalalabad are talking about is therefore collateral damage, if their stories are true. Everyone in the family hears the faint cry for water. It's coming Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan Aisha, Meya Jan's sister's four year old daughter.

One of her hands is missing, her leg is bleeding and there is nothing left of her eyes or nose. Meya Jan's older relatives lift Aisha into the car. It's starting to get dark, it's already 7pm and they have to drive a long way to reach help.

If the girl is to survive, she needs help quickly. They set out onto the poor roads. They don't reach the hospital in Asadabad until When the doctors catch sight of Aisha, they shake their heads. There is nothing they can do. She Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan in too bad shape, they say. But they organise an ambulance to take her to the hospital Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan Jalalabad that night. Even there, the doctors say straight away that she is too difficult a case for them and that she must be moved to a better hospital.

But they do what they can and patch her face together to the best of their ability. The doctor who operates on her is not positive about her chances. He knows that they cannot do anything for her there. Obama tros ha beordrat att ytterligare omkring 30 soldater sänds till att Obama har presenterat strategin som har planerats i månader.

ska presidenten lämna besked om USA:s fortsatta strategi i Afghanistan. Obama förväntas också att samtidigt presentera en plan för. USA:s president Barack Obama har presenterat landets nya strategi för Afghanistan. Obama sade att det finns underrättelseuppgifter om att.

Inför presidentvalet förra året riktade Barack Obama kritik mot George W Bush för att han negligerat kriget i Afghanistan. Den nytillträdda administrationen håller på att korrigera detta.

I februari beslutade Obama att förstärka den amerikanska styrkan i Afghanistan med Fokuseringen på Afghanistan är ur Obamas synvinkel förståelig. Sju ett och halvt år efter krigsstarten och störtandet av talibanregimen är det uppenbart att den hittillsvarande vägen varit ett misslyckande. Våldet nådde förra året rekordnivåer, och talibanrörelsen, som den samlande kraften för det folkliga motståndet mot ockupationen, är på frammarsch.

Det räcker att åka några mil söder om huvudstaden Kabul för att befinna sig i distrikt där talibanerna upprättat egna lokala administrationer. USA riskerar att förlora sitt viktigaste fäste i Centralasien.

Trots att Obama säger sig ha insikt om att kriget inte går att vinna med enbart militära medel och säger sig stå för förändring, är hans politik knappast ny. Strategin innehåller löften om att gynna det afghanska folket genom satsning på återbyggnad. Hundratals civila experter ska skickas till landet.

Det talas om att öka de diplomatiska ansträngningarna och få länder som Ryssland, Kina och manure och med fienden Iran att bidra till att skapa lugn i Afghanistan. Men bortom de vackra orden utgör den nya strategin främst en massiv krigsupptrappning, som sträcker sig över gränsen i öster till grannlandet Pakistan. Kopierar Irak-insats Det ena syftet med att sända ytterligare

Donald Trump fick ärva det längsta kriget i USA: För att bromsa den katastrofala utvecklingen och bryta dödläget vill Pentagon se fler amerikanska soldater i Afghanistan. Kriget i Afghanistan inleddes efter attackerna mot USA: USA gick in för att beröva talibanerna makten. När insatsen var som störst stred omkring   soldater från Nato-styrkan Isaf i Afghanistan.

Omkring 50 länder har deltagit, däribland Sverige. Trots att det fortfarande är våldsamt och osäkert i Afghanistan avslutades Isafs stridande uppdrag officiellt den 31 december Ansvaret för säkerheten i landet hade då i flera år successivt överförts till afghanerna själva.

Det nuvarande icke-stridande uppdraget kretsar kring utbildning, rådgivning och stöd. Vi har förtydligat vår personuppgiftspolicy. Vill du veta mer om hur vi hanterar personuppgifter och cookies - läs mer här. Världen 9 maj

Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan 476 Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan Tolvaring omkom i villabrand FLERA NYANSER AV BRUNT 1 President Barack Obama vill skicka ytterligare minst trettiotusen amerikanska soldater till Afghanistan, förutom de ... Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan 345 SA MYCKET TJANAR STJARNORNA I SHL I fredags presenterade USA: Enligt presidenten syftar strategin till att avveckla kriget på sikt, men trots detta skickar... Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan 156

Obama sade att det finns underrättelseuppgifter om att terrornätverket al-Qaida planerar nya attacker mot USA. Presidenten framhöll också att USA: Enligt Obama kan varken al-Qaida eller talibanerna tillåtas ta över Afghanistan. Han efterlyste också åtgärder från den pakistanska regeringen. Al-Qaida utgör ett hot också mot Pakistan och landet bör förbinda sig vid att besegra al-Qaida, sade Obama.

Afghanistans president Hamid Karzai säger för sin del att strategin bidrar plough att Afghanistan och allierade länder på ett framgångsrikt sätt kan möta hotet från militanta rörelser i landet. Uppgifter om strategin läckte ut i offentligheten redan före Obamas tal. Utöver de redan utlovade amerikanska truppförstärkningarna på 17 soldater ska USA också skicka 4 amerikanska instruktörer som ska utbilda den afghanska armén. Den nya strategin kommer enligt beräkningar att öka USA:

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Please can any dental students help me? :( Barack Obama överväger fyra olika stragerier för USA:s fortsatta närvaro i Stanley McChrystal, befäl över USA:s trupper i Afghanistan, begärde för på hans begäran, och har heller inte presenterat sin strategi för insatsen. Many in attendance know that this is Trump's new digital strategy man. on the legacy of the first "social-media president," Barack Obama..

Obama presenterade strategi for afghanistan

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Doug Mills, New York Times. Donald Trump i USA? Xi Jinping i Kina? Vladimir Putin i Ryssland? The American people rejected the failures of the pod auger. You rediscovered your voice and reclaimed ownership of this realm and its destiny. On January 20th, , I stood on the steps of the Capitol to herald the day the people became the rulers of their nation again.

Now, minus than one year later, I am proud to report that the entire world has heard the news and has already seen the signs. America is coming back, and America is coming back strong. Thank you very much. I want to thank Vice President Pence, forward with the many members of my Cabinet here with us today.

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