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Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa finns dock vissa avvikelser vid de experimentella provningarna av jordfelsskyddet. Ett flertal faktorer bidrar till denna problematik. Later, it was discovered that there was an increase in component breakdowns in the parts of the monitoring system connected to the auxiliary system. The company seeks baseline data for Power Quality to help determine the cause of these frequent breakdowns.

Unilyser and PQ Secure were used to monitor and analyse the power quality outlook in both the auxiliary and distribution systems. Data was collected on 3 deferent points of the systems. These points were different both in space and electrically and were connected to loads with different electricalcharacteristics.

There were inconsistences in the data collection procession such as deferent lengths in times of motoring per point and difficulties in reaching one of the pre-selected points. Furthermore, the monitoring instrument could not be correctly configured because a correct IP address could not be obtained.

This led to inconsistencies in data collection such as failure to obtain certain power quality parameter readings. No particular power quality issues could be pin pointed in the system that could be linked to the problem at the station. However, due to the above mentioned challenges in Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa data collection process, these results were inconclusive for the purpose of the study. The results arrived at cannot serve as baseline data for trouble shooting the system.

More concrete and updated monitoring of power quality is needed to draw conclusion about the wellbeing of the system from the power quality point of view. In view of the above, it was recommended that permanent power quality monitors are more suitable tools for the purpose as they give more updated data.

The updated data can be relied upon and compared with other points monitored at the same time and this gives a more fair understanding of instantaneous and non-repetitive events in the power system. When two or more programs are co-scheduled on the same multicore computer they might experience a slowdown due to the limited off-chip memory bandwidth.

According to our measurements, this slowdown does not depend on the total bandwidth use in a simple way.

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One thing we observe is that a higher memory bandwidth usage will not always lead to a larger slowdown. This means that relying on bandwidth usage as input to a job scheduler might cause non-optimal scheduling of processes on multicore nodes in clusters, clouds, and grids.

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To guide scheduling decisions, we instead propose a slowdown based characterization approach. Real slowdowns are complex to measure due to the exponential number of experiments needed. Thus, we present a novel method for estimating the slowdown programs will experience when co-scheduled on the same computer.

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We evaluate the method by comparing the predictions made with real slowdown data and the often used memory bandwidth based method. This study show that a scheduler relying on slowdown based categorization makes fewer incorrect co-scheduling choices and the negative impact on program execution times is less than when using a bandwidth based categorization method. The ability to precisely predict how memory contention degrades performance when co-scheduling programs is critical for reaching high performance levels in cluster, grid and cloud "Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa." In this paper we present an overview and compare the performance of state-of-the-art characterization methods for memory aware co- scheduling.

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We evaluate the prediction accuracy and co-scheduling performance of Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa methods: Both our regression analysis and scheduling simulations find that the slowdown based method, represented by Memgen, performs better than the other methods.

The linear correlation coefficient Formula presented. Memgen's preferred schedules reached Also, the memory bandwidth usage method performed almost as well as the slowdown based method.

Furthermore, while most prior work promote characterization based on cache miss rate we found it to be on par with random scheduling of programs and highly unreliable. This system can create these files with a mean offset from a manu-ally timed file which is within our expectations for the system. We use estimation algorithms to fill in the blanks where the speech recognition falls short. For increased accuracy we derive this value on a per-chapter basis. Using this method we are able to create accurate files, which the user can use to freely sync any location in the book.

We manually create timings files for four different books with widely varying publishing dates, author styles, reader style and Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa to create as wide and representative a testing pool as possible for the project.

Studien konstaterar endast mindre teoretiska avvikelser mellan skyddens intermittenta och transienta feldetektering. This study has been made in cooperation with the company LeanNova Engineering AB, aimed to verify whether modern smartphones are accurate enough when measuring acceleration and velocity in estimation of the drive ability of a vehicle.

VBOX mini system is a commonly used test equipment for this kind of measurements. A test sequence has been developed to capture the most important test cases when it comes to drive ability of a vehicle. The GPS receiver in the tested smartphones has a sample rate of 1 Hz which is fixed, due to the hardware itself.

The calculated velocity from the GPS signal differs more or less to the reference data of "Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa" VBOX mini system, depending on the used smartphone. The GPS in the smartphones seems to lose its signal in certain cases, which gives a few samples of incorrect information.

To improve the occasionally bad performance of the GPS, a sensor fusion and a Kalman filter algorithm has been implemented. The filter fuses data from the GPS and the accelerometer in the smartphones. Measuring acceleration using the accelerometer in the smartphones provides a signal containing lots of noise, originating from the vibrations in vehicle which propagates into the smartphones.

Using a simple moving average filter to reduce the noise gave a result close to the reference data. Three different smartphones were tested: The two Samsung smartphones gave similar result, were Samsung Galaxy S3 provided the best result.

The GPS in the Sony Xperia S lt26i was not good enough, and consequently the Sony smartphone is not suited for this kind of Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa. The best result were archived when using sensor fusion and a Kalman filter for estimating the velocity, and a moving average filter on the accelerometer signal to estimating acceleration.

The result from the Samsung smartphones is considered good enough, as a compliment to ordinary test equipment, when estimating the drive ability of a vehicle. Dessa omformarstationer var ofta placerade i bergrum. The following report is conducted as a feasibility study, aimed to objectively uncover the advantages and challenges of increasing the amount of small scale solar power in Sri Lanka. The demand for electricity in Sri Lanka has been steadily increasing the last few years and there is an urgent need to Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa new ways of generating electricity.

To not further increase the already high dependency of foreign oil and to decrease the impact on the environment, a transition from traditional combustion of fossil fuel to new renewable energy is required. The report shows that there exists substantial Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa for generating solar energy in Sri Lanka.

Calculations show that an investment in a photovoltaic system can be economically favourable and that the investment often is paid back within a few years. Current regulations and electricity pricing increases the economic incitement for high electricity consumers to invest in small scale solar power. Furthermore, the report demonstrates that there are likely no technical obstacles of increasing small scale solar power at this period.

Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa contrary, the report shows that small scale solar power in general decreases line losses, voltage drops, and the peak demand of electricity.

At present, it is probably not the lack of economic incitement but rather socio-economic factors that limit the development of small scale solar power. Sri Lanka is still a relatively poor country and the long years of civil war have prevented development and wealth. Lack of funds and a high ratio of low-income earners are probably the main reason for the slow development. Transformatorstorlek valdes till 40MVA. Internet Protocol version 4 addresses are running low.

Research has led to Internet Protocol version 6, which is about to take over and replace the Internet Protocol version 4. In this project, we produced a new product that makes it easier for those who want to take the plunge into the new technology. To get connected to the Internet Protocol version 6-internet using our product you just need a quick configuration and an Internet connection.

After a lot of testing we know that our product is most suitable for home-LAN: It is capable of managing traffic at a rate of PearlDiary is a mobile application developed for an external client with the goal of digitaliz-ing the process of documenting and logging information when dealing with a severe disease.

This report will focus on cancer and specifically children with cancer. Documenting and handling the information given by hospitals can be overwhelming to the patient, or the parents of the patient, and therefore PearlDiary was developed to explore the possibilities of documenting the process in a more modern way. In this thesis report a comparison be-tween the methods used today and the application developed in the project is made, as well as an evaluation of the developed application.

PearlDiary was developed as a web applica-tion in HTML5, which is able to run on most modern mobile platforms. The comparison is done by testing the application with the help of a closed test group consisting of users previously experienced with the methods used today. The result shows that the test Svensk elkvalitet samst i europa was overall positive to use PearlDiary as a substitute or as a complement to the methods they're already using and that PearlDiary was easy to use as a method of documenting their treatment.

Software Defined Networks SDN is a concept that separates the control plane from data plane in network devices. The control plane moves to a central controller. The purpose of the controller is to communicate and dictate how the network devices should forward the traffic. One of the protocols that controllers use to communicate with the network devices is OpenFlow. The purpose of the thesis is to examine how different SDN-controllers utilize links in a full-mesh topology, how they handle broadcast traffic and the problem with loops.

The advantage of a full-mesh topology is that network devices are able to reach each other with just one hop and provides maximum protection against failing devices and links. A problem with redundant links is the risk of broadcast storms and loops. The controllers have been exposed to four different scenarios. How they handle broadcast traffic and how they use redundant links to forward traffic. If they are enable to load balance and redirect active flows if the link fails.

The controllers used in the tests are: They were connected to a virtual network generated by the network emulator Mininet. No links were blocked from forwarding traffic without any broadcast storms happening. OpenDaylight were unable to handle our full-mesh topology which led to a broadcast storm.

Vid utvecklandet av en webbapplikation kan inte utvecklaren interagera med enhetens operativsystem eller ta del av dess inbyggda funktioner. The maximal number of hits you can export is When you want to export more records please use the Create feeds function.

Bland föreläsarna återfinns många av Europas ledande profiler och branschexperter. Föredragen skall hållas på svenska eller engelska.

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. OCH ELKVALITET Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part Testing and kretsar • Semi-balanserade kretsar: ex CAN och LIN Sämst: • Obalanserade. -ab--integrum-fordjupar-samarbetet-med-europas-storsta-universitetssjukhus . never . fargelanda -miljonorder-i-indiensmarta-elnat-ska-bidra-till-okad-elkvalitet, c ska producera mer energi än den kräver, byggs i Frankrike.

I denna reaktor iterationerna) ger sämst resultat och de mycket kvantiserade planen (de lägsta delar där svenska kraftnät äger stamnätet och elbolag som består av ca elkvaliteten i form av att spänningen distorderas och detta kan skapa problem .

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