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Research show that customer patterns in the textile industry are changing and the degree of personalization of products is getting more important to meet personal needs and preferences.

Mass customization is a strategy named to create higher customer value by customizing products through a close interaction during the design and production process, high production flexibility and efficient logistics.

The lack of research on the implementation of mass customization strategies and an identified gap between customer expectations and perception customer value of these types of products, are the incentives to conduct this research.

In order to perform the research a quantitative approach, doing a customer Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare analysis through a self-completion questionnaire, was conducted. Attributes of price, quality, fit, service and delivery capacity were investigated to get an understanding of what drives value for the customers.

The results show that quality, fit, delivery capacity and service are the most important attributes of customer value. The analysis of the value chain indicates some areas of improvements regarding logistics, design process and production process.

Solutions are brought up to get the value chain to get more aligned with the strategies of mass customization. When companies go international some factors present in the host country act like forces that might drive the company to standardize or adapt its strategies. In this paper these forces are characterized in country specific and industry specific factors.

In order to fulfill the purpose of the paper, a qualitative research was conducted using a single case study of Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare Swedish SME, focusing on a single product, namely machine guardingin connection with one foreign market, Brazil.

It was also presented that economic factors and market size did not represent any influences in the standardization or adaptation strategies of the company studied. Therefore, the purpose of our research was to explore customer value as an input in the process of business model innovation in B2B context. Semi structured interviews were conducted with a representative from each company.

The connection between customer value and business model components was analyzed within each case and then the results were compared across the cases. The main findings of our study are as follows. Business model in B2B context serves as the frame of reference for customer value formation.

Characteristics of business model components, in particular key activities and key resources, as well as the intentions for further business model development become more specific underlying criteria of value proposition assessment. In wind energy industry in Sweden there is a core customer value to get the highest possible energy production, shared by all studied cases.

Customer business Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare should be used by managers in both wind energy industry and other contexts for understanding customer value in a holistic way. Further customer segmentation should be done based on customer business model related criteria, and in the context of wind energy industry the criteria identified in this study can be used.

This study aims to investigate potential B2B customer segments in Umeå concerning company-wellness and rehabilitation services. We will investigate the market, identify a prospect target market and evaluate this target market on commission from Svenska-Re. The company Svenska-Re offers a service where customers travel to Gran Canaria, Spain, for a three week rehabilitation program. They offer various programs and are specialized in work-related injuries.

By evaluating the target market we will investigate if there is an interest and need of the services provided by Svenska-Re in Umeå. This thesis examines customer value by studying the iPhone through its users from a Service- Dominant logic perspective. We distinguish three parts of the theory: By conducting interviews with students in Uppsala, Sweden, we recognize three findings. First, while value is mainly created through the use of an offering the start and end of the value creating process is difficult to distinguish.

Second, by interacting with the customer during the use of Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare offering the firm can affect the value the customer experiences. Third, by customizing an offering more value can be created, and if the customer participates in the process it is more like to succeed.

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Therefore, new challenges arose due to different market and customer requirements. One topic, which gained importance in B2B context, is customer value. Customer value can be defined as the perceived benefits a company delivers its customers in comparison to the perceived expenses. Nevertheless, no uniform definition exist.

In addition to that, if there is a direct connection between B2B customer value and international market entry strategies have not been investigated yet. Therefore, this thesisprojectdeals with the influence of B2B customer value on international market entry strategies.

To determine the link, following research question guides this thesis: How does B2B customer value influence international market entry strategies in Northern Europe? The research isnot only focused on Northern Europe but also on the data centre segment. These countries are highly interesting for the commission partnerdue to market developments and mega trends. Furthermore, the commission partneris represented by local subsidiaries in the four countries of interest.

In order Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare answer the research question, deep insights are generated via semi-structured interviews. Three customer groups are investigated: Data centre operator as well as owner, constructors including panel builder and system integrators as well as design consultants.

Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare

The interviews are conducted either face-to-face or if necessary via telephone in the four countries of interest. The interviews include questions about B2B relationships, brand and marketing. If culture influences B2B customer value is investigated indirectly bythe questions on B2B relationship. Market intelligence questions are added in order to create a deeper understanding of the market. Furthermore, these insights also help to interpret the answers of customers. Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare to the interviews, a picture of the B2B customer value in Northern Europe is created.

Northern European customers value reliable suppliers who can offer quality products as well as solutions. In addition to that, the importance of global brands andmarketing of competences is determined. Due to combining the findings with the cultural dimensions of Hofstede, it is concluded that customer value differs between other countries.

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Hence, customer value influences international market strategies, as different Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare value require distinct international market entry strategies.

The digitalization of the electricity grid can provide politicians and different kinds of companies with solid benefits in terms of efficiency, renewable integration and control.

However, some part of the deployment of smart grids is only possible with the engagement of consumers who are required to change their behavior significantly. This paper investigates different business models in the smart grid context on their possibility to diffuse in the market.

Furthermore, it stresses that the emergence of smart grids will provide incumbents and new companies with new possibilities to offer new services. However for incumbent companies these new roles, increased competition, and new services also imply challenges. Old paradigms of the traditionally conservative utilities need to be changed.

This paper finds out that the electricity consumer of today is not uniform, but rather can be divided into four segments who seem to describe the market well at least in Germany and have very different needs and preferences. In order to become agents of change in the future utilities "Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare" have to transform their business model, if they are not already on their way to do so. Yet, there are still companies stuck with the production concept as it can be hard for companies to embrace the marketing concept and to consider the central needs of their customers.

That said, this study will be aimed at companies who desire to successfully implement a customer-centric approach in their company. This study will contribute to this by developing a customer-centric framework that companies can use as a toolkit to achieve it.

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The study will also develop an integrative map to present the potential benefits a company can achieve by implementing this newly developed framework.

To achieve this research aim, this will take the form of a conceptual study by reviewing the marketing field and identifying theories and measures that are essential. Finally, in this study the author will identify five customer-centric measures that are essential for companies that desire to implement a customer-centric approach successfully. These five customer-centric measures are: Customer-centric organization, customer-centric customer service, customer-centric innovation, customer-centric sustainability and customer-centric efficiency.

Overall this will give the company a sustainable competitive advantage. The questionnaire form is distributed online to respondents. Findings — The findings show the comparison between the four communication methods. The differences are measured and analyzed using measurement system from Zaichkowsky including: Interests, Needs Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare Values. Research Limitations — This thesis face limitation regarding the chosen sample.

In addition to that language is also one of the major obstacles. Managerial Implications — The findings provide companies with evaluation regarding option for communication method to increase customer involvement degree. Dagens CRM-system bygger på att företag lagrar information om kundens köp för att sedan använda denna information i kommunikationen med kunden. Forskare arbetar nu på ett nytt system som kallas CMI Customer-managed Interaction där kunden själv skall spara all information om sina inköp.

Denna information delar sedan kunden med sig av Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare företagen han vill göra affärer med för att få bra erbjudanden i utbyte. Företaget får då information om alla inköp en viss kund har gjort av alla leverantörer inom en viss bransch till skillnad mot tidigare när företaget endast kände till kundens inköp hos det egna företaget.

It is a cheap solution to discover and address internal weaknesses, especially for companies that cannot afford to pay for expensive quality management projects i. The model promises costs reduction and performance improvement, besides the gain of key-information about customers. Internet banking has now become a global phenomenon. It is the fastest growing service that banks can offer in order to gain and retain new customers. However, the issue of adoption behaviour or pattern by final consumers seems to be a pivotal issue Carrefours svenska vd ifragasatt av agare the successful implementation of Internet banking which has benefited people from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and from country to country.

In some countries, Internet banking has proven to be very reliable, effective and efficient whilst in some others, they are found to be extremely dormant due to adoption behaviour. This study therefore tried to investigate if there are differences in Internet banking adoption behaviour between Ghana and Sweden. One bank each from Ghana and Sweden was selected for this study. These three parameters of the theory lead to Behavioural Intention which has a positive correlation with actual usage.

The study was based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches and questionnaires were administered to some selected Internet banking customers of the two banks using purposive sampling technique. In the same vein, one banking staff each from the two banks knowledgeable in the Internet banking system of their banks was interviewed. A complex structure of attitude which can make a person witness a different level of emotional and behave in a different way. Which level of emotion a person have depended on their evaluation between positive and negative.

Often a person uses information and environment to evaluate and create an attitude toward an object. With the right approach, an organization can manipulate attitude that can generate the output, often organization using advertising as a method to direct or indirectly influence customers attitude that lead to purchase behaviors.

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