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The RegPress project used mixed methods to study media audiences, conducting 67 qualitative interviews, nine focus groups, and a survey of 9, people.

As a trust anchor, the regional press acts as a point of reference for readers to access news and debate. They develop media practices based on this understanding as they engage with civic, political, and cultural issues.

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Trust anchors also help readers interpret information from social media and other sources. The voices of journalism in regional press are therefore located dynamically amongst local people, issues, and interests as well as other media Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07. This is a study of teaching a theory course for journalism students, year three, preparing for thesis work.

The purpose is to increase understandings of theoretical tensions in professions-oriented education and how they can be dealt with. How are journalism students self-perception of theory and its relevance to them and their thesis, before and after a theory course using more student active learning elements?

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How can selfperceptions be understood in relation to course evaluations and student performance? What values can Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 understood as made possible of the different pedagogic elements and how are contextual aspects influencing? Didactic decisions for the course were guided by student-active learning: Course aim was to socialize students into a more academic line of thinking, paired with strengthening them to integrate theory and practice.

Therefore, the course combined following elements in progression: Method in the study is self-assessment Bourke,first at the beginning of the course, second ten weeks after thesis for Bachelor degree. Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 evaluation and teacher self-reflection is added as assessment perspective. Theory used to analyze the results is the embedding of research and inquiry through scaffolding Healey et al, Results imply there is a need to engage in changes of perceptions of what journalism is practice-academia.

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This confirms the vital importance for professional learning of knowledge setting types and the epistemic practices and resources they offer Nerland and Jensen, Hur anknyter medierna till lokalbefolkningen? The purpose of the project was to understand the role of regional media in southeast Sweden. The regional press have had a strong presence and has been part of the regional life since The "Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07" media has for long had a significant influence in society as a fourth estate.

The daily press has long been engaged in critical analysis of social Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 and authority and acted to help increase community involvement. Even on the basis of this strong position the regional press face a number of challenges such as increased convergence and maintain storage numbers, selling advertising space and maintain their distribution areas. How do the media connect with the local population?

How does journalism ensure and promote diversity in the media presentation and prevents discontinuity in the Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 media age? Several in parallel or subsequent mediations of an ideological message of equal opportunities for people with disabilities can be presented in various forms with the aim of reaching a broad audience.

Different media types are utilized in order to reach a global audience. A basic ideological message could be shared through transmedia storytelling over multiple technical platforms. Disability policies are thus represented in media in many different ways; in the form of accessibility models, a UN declaration on equal rights, policy documents, an instruction movie, an interest groups postings in Facebook, a standardization formula; or spread over web based platforms exposing videos, photographs and non- professional stories produced by ordinary people, describing how it is to live with different forms of disability.

Transmedia storytelling has become a natural part of policy implementation and legitimization of policies, thus also transgressing the traditional borders of official strategical communication. Questions of interest to discuss concerning embodiment of strategical transmedia storytelling in communication on disability, could draw on Eders typology; choice, reception and appropriation.

How is an ideological text or source message, intended for public communication, adapted when transformed into marketing campaigns choiceentertainment, edutainment or art receptionor expressed as fan culture, criticism and parodies appropriation? The suggested presentation is empirically grounded and draws upon empirical material gathered in focus groups interviews and through content analysis of different sources.

In Swedish Public service Television, sports journalism aimed at children has been broadcast since November It is a success story of how TV has helped to nurture Swedish children and make them accustomed to practising sport themselves, and to watching sports news and sports events on the same TV channel as they become adults. The present article is a content analysis of how the constructions of Swedish football culture are reported and presented by the popular Swedish Public Service TV program Little Mirror of Sports.

It will demonstrate how media content in public service television may serve as ideal representations of sport and football in general and, in particular, provide representations of gender identities and ethnicity for young football-playing girls and boys.

Our understanding of the relationship between sport and media may also be increased by studying a Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 program produced for young Swedish citizens. The main question is how football is represented in Little Mirror of Sports. In the analysis and discussion, I will focus on the processes of football journalism, youth culture, gender identities, ethnicity and mediated cultural meaning. The total number of newly-produced and broadcast Little Mirror of Sports programs per year is thirty-two.

The program is broadcast once a week, except during the summer, when reruns from the previous season are shown. The selected Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 episodes, on which this analysis is based, consist of nineteen sequences from and twenty-two sequences from The selection and demarcation has been guided by focusing on football content.

I shall concentrate on sequences containing football reportage about two famous football players, Marta Vieira da Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, also including some other features such as the football culture of other national football stars and of the football-playing girls and boys in the selected content.

Media represent a powerful institution in society reflecting dominant values in society and take part in socialization to gender roles for men and women. In Sweden football is a well-represented sports in media as well as among a Swedish population of nearly 9 millions. The Swedish Football Association is the largest among the sports federations with more than 3. In media the most Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 sports is football and Television Channels with nationwide coverage produce more male sport than gendered mixed or female sport in all.

Male and gendered mixed sport top the list of sports occurring on Television, as despite football, consists of ice hockey on second place, athletics on third, motor sports and skiing on fourth and fifth place. In the combined the annual Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 rating on Television viewers in Sweden, this football match came second only beaten by The Swedish Trial Contest for Eurovision Song Contest.

Other sports events positions on this annual list are far behind other popular TV-programs in Sweden as Donald Duck and Friends, a popular Disney production always sent on Christmas Eve and Swedish quizzes with popular program leaders www. It has been said that Female Football reached a break trough in Sweden as a public popular sports event, and in spectators visiting But if this hints to better opportunities for more female football in the national media coverage, the male dominance still continues in media representations of sport.

Even though female sport reporters and female sports appears in media more often than before, this suggests that Sport Media foremost is an interest only for a male viewer, but many women like sport on Television too. The question is what happens when teenaged girls and boys view mediated sport produced for male middle-aged adult audience groups? How does cultural meaning of generation, gender and social differences structure everyday life for a collective group as a female football team in how they construct and position them selves within a gendered discourse?

This brief summary reflects sports and media habits in the Swedish society and shows us the cultural importance of physical activities and media entertainment in our day-to-day lives. How the sport is represented through media reflect in certain ways our own picture of the concept sport, as well as sports is comprehended and valued on a cultural level.

From a feminist perspective on the institutionalised power relations between media and culture the central question is how gender discourses negotiate meaning in society for men and women. The main theoretical perspectives used here are Stuart Halls reception model of the process of encoding and decoding media texts as meaningful TV-discourses, where viewers in terms of meaning structures approach the media. This model has developed by feminist media studies as power structures of gender discourses in production, content and reception van Zoonen I will use this model to analyse female positions as gender discourses in a football team.

The main point is that communication practices have to be understood in a wider context of social and cultural determinations, as context is both related to family matters and wider social relations. Instead of ideological power structures Hall emphasize the process of hegemony were three possible positions in the decoding process are offered to the viewers: By relate dominant structures to social processes in culture we can find different explanations. Young females in a football club can negotiate or reject the offered media messages and construct other possible gender positions in their own socio-historical context.

This concept also helps us to Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 our attention on combining the contexts of production, content and reception in order to analyse culture as meaning making processes. To appropriate is a cultural process were individuals use their available resources to make sense of media messages and adjust them to their social-historical context.

Media products are an important part in how we create communication and shape our identities in modern society. The media stimulate to action and utterance as an active part in the formation of social reality. By following the content of sport in media, individuals actually can use that as information to guide their thoughts and actions in their own social context. The appropriations of symbolic forms in a "Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07" context are shared with other important individuals in every day communication Thompson In modern society collective identities are complex and culturally Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 in various ways.

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Media, as part of popular culture, have a particularly important role in the construction and mediation of different expressions and styles of identities. In one sense mass media serves us with a multiplicity of possible identities, free for any individual to pick up and adjust for individual needs in a social context outside the media content.

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In another sense we must also relate this to some of the important power structures in the "Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07" of media production and content of Sport Media in order to show how mediated symbolic forms adjust in a cultural context by active meaning making subjects.

These structures are often referred to as the Media-Sport-Complex where the analyses "Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07" global power relations are connected to perspectives on political economy and culture. See Miller at al. In relation to this study the football-playing girls have opportunities to choose what ever sport they like on a theoretical level, but on a social level they adjust to the cultural context they live in, where football for men and women are considered as two separate spheres, supported by the Sport Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 content.

These stereotypes are structured within ideological representations of gendered positions for masculinity and femininity that are bound to social-historical context that changes over time. The positions suggested here are considered as gendered ideal types not existing in reality.

Rather they show how complex constructions of gender identities are and how the girls in this study reflect and move between discourses and different gender positions. The negotiated position acknowledges and adjusts the offered dominant feminine ideal to own experiences and social situation. The oppositional position recognizes the dominant feminine ideal but due to other experiences or social situation this position rejects and question the proposed ideal with skepticism Thornham But if media discourses reflect dominant values in society there is another standard to consider for the constructions of gender in sports.

The commonly hegemonic gender ideals are reflecting dominant gender values that in part passes over to sport, where masculine and feminine ideals for physical body appearance distinguish between gender and between sports.

So the polarization between genders in sports suggests at least 2 possible hegemonic positions for us to consider. Even if the mediated sport historically is built on masculine hegemony were men compete over the hierarchical positions and space of action, this not only exclude women but also men from the sporting field. Considering sports like ballet, gymnastic or aerobics dominated by women, the men in these sports are likely in a subordinated hierarchical position within a feminine hegemony.

They are as men also certainly subordinated in a masculine hegemony, compared to other male sports. We must also consider the risk of using the concepts of masculinity and femininity as this split up gender in two homogenous spheres, when gender in reality consists of more complex and heterogeneous characteristics both for us as individuals and as on a collective level for different groups of people.

In everyday life other demographic factors as social classes, education, professional roles or sexual preferences also can unite people as they share common interests.

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So as gender is social and cultural constructed I consider masculinity and femininity as qualities possessed by both men and women, but divided into gender-preferred stereotypes Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 socialization for each sex within a given ideological power structure embedded in different discourses in culture van Zoonen During a 6-month Lasarnas fokus 2002 07 07 I had conducted my study with an ethnographic approach in a female football club in a team with seventeen players aged 15 years, in a Community situated in the southern parts of Sweden.

My focus is on how teenaged girls make meaning in their day-today lives by using media content in a specific cultural context. The media ethnographic approach combines different methods by using participant observations, conversations and interviews. These methods originally derived from anthropological inquiry, are often termed interpretative procedures, the theoretical tradition known as interactionism represented in the works of Erving Goffman and Herbert Blumer.

This perspective suggests that the social world is not objective but involves subjective meanings and experiences that are socially constructed in relations by participants in social contexts. weekly . weekly weekly https :// weekly Gunnar Hallingberg, Läsarna: talets folkväckelse och det moderna genombrottet (Stock- Carlander, Svenska bibliotek och ex-libris I, – 07, Men på International Worker's Memorial Day vi tar en paus kl 13 och tänder ett ljus för alla kollegor som inte längre finns bland oss.

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