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Har kramas britneys ex


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Har kramas britneys ex Lane says that you have to hang on to her for 8 seconds just like at a rodeo. Enzo is really interested in trying the 8 second Rodeo. Enzo says yeah lets not do that to me …but we can do that to someone else! Britney saying if it happened to her she would kill herself. Enzo says yeah, no I would be divorced. The conversation changes to talking about lock downs. Enzo says that during the first lockdown of the house he thought he was going to lose it.

Britney says that she talked to a girl on Press Day that said after 12 hours of being on lock down you want to kill yourself. Enzo says that he wanted to quit after the first lock down. Britney says yeah it was pretty bad…. Britney says that she wishing there was no Jury and that she could go straight home instead. Hayden says a red eye just flew out of Burbank when he sees a plane fly over head. They start talking about finale night. Enzo says that he thinks they will finally get out of there by midnight.

Lane says that he will be at the bar. Lane leaves to go take a shower. They start talking about last season. They talk about Natalie throwing the hot chocolate competition.

Enzo says and the POV for that one was the faces. Enzo says that Kevin got really funny towards the end of the season. Britney starts talking about how two faced Kathy is… Britney says that she was schmoozing Rachel when she came back into the house for 24 hours. Britney says that she was hanging out with her and she was the one to walk Rachel to the door when she was leaving. Britney says that she thinks Kathy was mentally spent and emotionally drained.

Britney says that she thinks the house took a huge toll Har kramas britneys ex Kathy. Enzo starts talking about the night Kathy overheard her and the have nots making fun of her. Enzo says that she was really pissed about that. Britney says that it all happened because of how depressed Ragan was…and Kathy was trying to tickle him and he told her not to. Hayden says that Kathy was in the jumanji crying and he went over to check on her and she told him that she was upset that Britney, Ragan and Matt were making fun of her.

Britney says that Kathy is one of the people she will want nothing to do with after this. Hayden says the kick straight to Har kramas britneys ex side of the head! They all make fun of Kathy during the Har kramas britneys ex competition. Britney talks about how hard time of a time she was having during the caramel competition. Britney says that she was so embarrassed and thought she was the worst one in the competition, until Kathy got up to go.

Britney impersonates Kristen telling her about what face wash she used to give her such glowing skin.

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Britney says that really pissed off Rachel and she used to bring that up and mimic Kristen saying I have glowing skin. They Hayden and Enzo say that girls are so catty. Britney says that all the girls in the house were crazy.

Lane comes back to the backyard after his shower.

They start talking about Ragan. Enzo makes fun of how Ragan screamed when he swiped the CD from him! Everyone decides to head inside, Britney and Lane head to the jumanji room, Enzo heads to the bathroom and Hayden goes up to the HOH room. Hayden brings cards down and sits at the kitchen table. Hayden then joins Britney and Lane in the jumanji room. Enzo headed up to the HOH room to shower.

Hayden says that he stresses about everything and says that he hates that he does that. Lane says that everyone stresses, people just act on it differently. Lane asks what they should talk about? Lane says lets talk about…. Right then he then farts… Britney says that was such a prissy fart. Lane says that his farts tell a lot about his moods. Lane says Har kramas britneys ex he wonders how he got this far in life without using big words!

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They talk Har kramas britneys ex how Matt used big words all the time. Lane says that Brendon would use some big words but it always seemed forced. Britney says that Ragan thought there were codes hidden in her letter. Lane says that he wonders if there has ever been a die hard fan that has won Big Brother? Britney says that dodos always win, though she says Dr.

Will is really smart! Hayden says that he has the personality to go with it. Britney says yeah and he is really funny. Britney says that the hardest Har kramas britneys ex about watching this season will be hearing her own voice. Hayden and Lane both say they hate hearing their own voices too. Britney says she thinks that hearing her diary room voice will kill her.

The conversation changes to talking about Monet. They talk about how going out second is as bad as getting voted out first. They talk about how the first four people evicted are forgotten about. Lane and Hayden says that they think people will remember Andrew though. Hayden says they will probably remember Kristen too. They start talking about Brendon and Rachel.

Lane says that Brendon and Rachel Har kramas britneys ex the dumbest people I have ever been around. Lane says that he wants to tell them that to their face.

Britney says that she thinks Brendon was put in this house to clash with her. Britney says that she has never been around a 30 year old that looked so much older but acted so much younger. Lane says that he loved it when he would compare him and Rachel to Jeff and Jordan of last season.

Big Brother cuts the live feeds. Britney says that Ragan was too vulgar and that he dropped F bombs. They talk about how Ragan would totally wear out jokes too.

They talk about how he made an ass of himself to Jeff and Jordan when Ragan kept saying Booger. They say no one thought it was funny, especially not Jordan. Enzo comes back into the jumanji room after being up in the HOH room listening to music. They have a huge conversation about music and movies. Hayden starts Har kramas britneys ex ready to go to sleep and takes off his mic.

Enzo says this summer has been surreal, yo! Enzo says that the only clever thing Brendon did was give him the nickname Fridge Face, you gotta give him that one! Enzo starts talking about Kristen and says that Thursday he wanted nothing to do with her, yo! Enzo says that he thinks Ragan told her she was going home. Enzo asks Hayden if he thinks Ragan and Brendon had something on the side towards the end there?

Enzo says that he thinks Brendon was going to try and make a power move at the end by teaming up with Ragan.

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Hayden says that he bet he was happy to get out of here. Enzo says that he thinks Ragan gained a lot of fans that day. Enzo says that everyone likes a funny gay guy. Enzo finally gets the hint that everyone is tired and wants to go to sleep. This site uses "Har kramas britneys ex" to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Har kramas britneys ex introduce your final four: Britney, the petty little beauty pageant princess thus, spoiled, catty, trash-talking and delusional Enzo, the bag-running, street-wise, gumba thus wise-cracking, fun-loving, low-life Hayden, the dumb, affable, self-absorbed jock thus a dumb jock Lane, the small-town thug. Lane calling out anyone for being dumb is funny. He needs to look in a mirror — a long look! People can only play a role so long and then their true colors shine through.

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