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The economic value of nature — World Bank report. The economic value of nature — supporting developing countries. European public funding for bullfights. London Olympic Games and respect for human rights by corporate sponsors.

Adding powdered milk to fresh milk for consumption. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the United States. Tsoukalas to the Commission.

Impacts on European businesses of the export restrictions and artificially inflated prices imposed by China on rare earth metals. Recognition Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare fire safety issues in EU rules. Animal venom as a medicine of the future.

The adverse effects of some food additives on children. EU guarantee regarding the return of property to the Catholic community in Turkey. Funding research to assist people with disabilities. Stassen and Lucas Hartong to the Commission.

Flight tax costs European airlines millions. Broadcasts by the Al Quds Educational Television station. Further planned visits to nuclear installations beyond the stress tests conducted. EU citizens who need incandescent light bulbs for health reasons. Violation of the Animal Welfare Directive. Regenerative medicine — microscaffolds for damaged nerves.

Turning waste into water using bacteria. The balance between austerity and growth in the economy of the EU. Commission measures for the enforcement of EU legislation by Member States.

Origin of the proposal to reform regulatory bodies in Spain. Wine cellar and storage room for other alcoholic beverages. The price of liquid petroleum gas LPG as a motor fuel in Greece.

Risk of suspension of operations at Greek universities because of the impact of the PSI mechanism. Fuel produced from the refining of steelworks emissions. Regulation on private pensions and company mergers.

Solvency II — Introducing collective sectoral responsibility for the insurance Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare. Pre-programmed useful life of "Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare" appliances.

Re-approval procedures for pesticides withdrawn from the market in Expert legal opinion on the compliance of the Commission's proposals on direct payments with the Treaty.

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Alarming increase in child abuse in Somalia. Migration of Nepalese women towards the Middle East. Varying excise duty rates on beer and wine. The battle against contraband cigarettes. Controlling speeches in the German Bundestag. Argentina's restrictions on imports of Spanish and Italian ham.

Effect of severance pay reductions on the increase in unemployment. Tobacco Products Directive Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare smokeless oral tobacco.

Venezuela — the media and presidential elections. Labour restrictions imposed by Spain on Romanian citizens. Electronic nose to detect tumours via breath. Direct funding programmes — town of Isernia. Application process for Commission staff. Linguistic bias in the selection of Commission staff. Lack of distinction between computer programs designed to commit offences and those used for benign software development.

Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare taken off the market as a precautionary measure. Geographical imbalance of Commission staff. Portuguese researchers have developed a method of identifying wines. The CAP was responsible for the drop in Europe's wine production between and Suspension of marketing authorisations for medicines "Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare" in India. Was werden Sie unternehmen, um zu vermeiden, dass dies in Zukunft erneut geschieht?

Serbien befindet sich im schwierigen Prozess der Reform seines Justizsystems. Die Stellungnahme der Kommission von stellt den damaligen Sachstand dar: Dat verslag werd mij niet overgemaakt via de Commissie, maar ik heb ondertussen wel een exemplaar ervan in mijn bezit. Het monitoringverslag en de conclusies in het advies van de Commissie over de Servische aanvraag tot lidmaatschap van de Europese Unie van Bent u het ermee eens dat, gezien het belang dat in de besluitvormingsprocedure van het Parlement gehecht wordt aan de informatie van de Commissie, de verschafte informatie in dit geval onvolledig en misleidend was?

Wat zult u ondernemen om te voorkomen dat dit zich in de toekomst herhaalt? Zal de Commissie deze verslagen in de toekomst overmaken aan het Europees Parlement? De Commissie volgt dit hervormingsproces op de voet.


De EU-delegatie heeft daartoe lokale deskundigen aangewezen die een tussentijds verslag gebracht hebben met hun Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare en dus niet met deze van de delegatie of van de Commissie. Het advies dat de Commissie in uitbracht, had toen de situatie als volgt omschreven: Dit verslag van de lokale deskundigen was enkel voor intern gebruik. Op deze manier worden de belangen van de Unie in haar bilaterale betrekkingen beschermd en kunnen de deskundigen zich zonder angst voor externe druk uitspreken.

De Commissie blijft toezicht houden op het hervormingsproces Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare zodr. De definitieve beoordeling van de Commissie zal rekening houden met de individuele schriftelijke bewijsstukken die een duidelijk beeld moeten geven van het effect van eventuele procedurele tekortkomingen na afloop van de hervorming.

It was not made available to me through Commission channels, but I do have a copy now. Despite some procedural shortcomings, the majority of decisions were generally taken in line with the guidelines. What will you do to prevent this from happening again in future? Will the Commission submit these reports to the European Parliament in future? Serbia is engaged in a difficult process of reform of its judicial system. Concerning the shortcomings identified by the Commission in the Progress Report regarding the re-appointment of judges and prosecutors, the Serbian authorities launched a review of the procedure now conducted by the Councils in their permanent composition, mainly by judges and prosecutors elected by their peers.

The Commission monitors this review process Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare.

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The Commission bases its assessments on various sources, not just the work of individual experts who may not always have as complete an understanding as the Commission of all issues at stake. This report from local experts was produced for its internal use only. This protects the interests of the Union in its bilateral relations and enables the experts to express themselves without fear of external pressure.

Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare Commission continues to monitor the review process and raises any issues as soon as they are identified. The Commission's final assessment will take into account the individual written justifications allowing a clear picture of the impact of any procedural shortcomings on the result of the review.

Developing metropolitan areas, promoting ties between regions and cities in different areas of public interest and developing cross-border initiatives are closely linked Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare cooperation between local and regional authorities.

Consequently, a global approach is required to correlating Flyttfaglar anlander allt tidigare initiatives with a view to developing strong metropolitan areas. What strategy does the Commission have in mind for setting clear objectives for the development of metropolitan areas using a cross-sector approach, and for co-opting public and private partners interested in setting these objectives?

Could the Commission confirm the total cost to date? Will the Commission provide such a list? Will the Commission detail what discussions have taken place with the Israeli authorities on the need for such compensation to be provided?

If not, what are the reasons for not doing so? The list requested is attached. It should nevertheless be noted that in the vast majority of cases, the donor was an EU Member State. There are currently no plans to do so. Such cases can be raised in the appropriate Association Council fora with Israel and by diplomatic ways.

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It is not clear if codified procedures would be helpful, given the great diversity of scenarios possible and the difficulty of drawing up a code which would address all of these in an effective manner. The EU Representative Office in East Jerusalem is currently requesting Member States for any information in order to update the list of damaged infrastructure if necessary.

Discreet demarches are often more effective than public announcements in such occasions. To that end it would not be appropriate to divulge the precise content of discussions with Israel on such matters. According to a published report on those testimonies, most children are arrested in the middle of the night and reports say that the army frequently organises terrifying raids for that purpose. Verbal abuse and, humiliation, threats and physicsal violence are frequent features of arrests and transfers.

What is the response of the Commission to the possibility that Israel may be violating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by keeping children in adult prisons? Does the Commission intend to use all instruments at its disposal to ensure that the Israeli government observes in full the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment?

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