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Logitech Romer-G

Two identical terminals which achieve redundant sensing using two pairs of contacts, one movable and one stationary per terminal. These are lateral prongs projected from the slider, that collide with the base downstroke and lid upstroke and absorb the impact.

The switch provides redundant sensing in an SPST arrangement by using a pair of identical terminals, each bearing a stationary contact and a movable contact. This page was last modified on 24 January , at Omron part number B3K-T13L and what is presumably the batch number 5C4 on the side of the switch. Specifically, the prong hits a raised area in the base on the way down, and ridges in the lid on the way up.

How do I deal with an alcoholic, teenage girlfriend? Här finner du tips och råd för trädgårdssysslorna. Så räddar du rabatten från rådjur och harar Mot slutet av semestern kan det vara skönt med några avbrott från hängmattan. Use a LEGO to space your fence horizontal planks when building your fence / Utiliser un LEGO pour bien espacer les planches de sa clôture. The "ROMER G" name was trademarked by Logitech International S.A. in an application dated 23rd June The switch bears the Logitech "G" logo on two ..

Romer-G switch is a metal get in touch with keyboard switch from Logitech Unique, developed in partnership with Omron based on a design from Logitech. The part number is also pressed into the trade along with the lot fraction. Logitech's specifications on the Romer-G reveal that it is weighted at 45 g, with a high actuation point of 1. Cherry MX switches by resemblance actuate at around 2 mm.

Full travel is alleged to be 3 mm; examination of several switches gave figures inserted 3. The design is said to focus the light more evenly through the legends on the keycap and minimise easy leakage [3]. The patents report various approaches to achieving the illumination, illustrated with light vigour plots. The switch is tested to 70 million keystrokes, which makes it one of the highest rated keyboard switches in production.

As a light tactile switch, the Romer-G has olden compared in feel to the Cherry MX Brown switch during those who have tried it.

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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The patent describes the product as a "silent type switch having small operation sound and return sound".

The patents describe various approaches to achieving the illumination, illustrated with light intensity plots. Spring removed; the upstroke damping stop can be seen on the inside of the lid. Specifically, the prong hits a raised area in the base on the way down, and ridges in the lid on the way up.

Slider; the elastic touch piece and tactile ramp on one side can be seen. Navigation Main page Deskthority forum Support Deskthority.

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