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Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Existence of the Intricate network of price-fixing devices stretching from coast to coast was rejected to Justice Minister Ilsley by F A. Key flgiire In the scheme, the com- mi'eloner reported, aas the Amert - 1 can Optical Compuiy, of South- 1 bridge, Mass. Tile Fraser River, which for days has spread misery and rum across the rich lands of the Fiaser Valley, was on the drop.

OOO town and fami folk homeless TT. Some of the conditions found by the investigators were: Heavy snow on the mountain sides, melt- ing under the Spring sunshine, is pouring into the rivers below.

The rivert, swollen to tremendous proportions, arc over flowing their banlcs fn all directions. The flocKl-swohen stream also butktt through yesterday at Pitt Meadows, 33 mUes east of Vancouver, r. The combine caused low-priced lenses to be "Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik" off the market completely. Tbe Jews, under their earlier miaap- prehensloa. June 2 Heiit- PTs. June 3 CPi,- The Pro- grea'lve Conservatlye Party sought uosurcessfully today to have the 'Ouvemment withdraw or at least modify Its plans to Inrreaae tiie pen- aittea on Income tax arrears.

When that failed, he moved that the Increased rate apply only from the date the assess- ment Is mailed by the Revenue De- partinent to the taxpayer, order tonight. It ordered He troopa to resume fighting on all fronta in Palestine when bombing, ariiilery and infantry attacks were Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik in a half-down aectnn.

The Jewish Oovemmenl said the order wldr. One mao was allghtly burned. Rerare he retired, however, com- pany offieiala aald he look arthm which aaved morh grealer dam- age to the plant, which was built during be war at a SlS. But even aa Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik ColumMa River'x cirii vpuied toward the ocean, warm weather alarted anow runoff flow- ing again Into the river headwaters. The Columbia ia not expected Uj top the crest reached here yaatcr- day, but the rise lortuild stlU more days of pounding at already weak- ened barrtradea.

But the battle was atlU far from won. North of here, where the rreat had already paaaed, the MuitnomaK and Bandy dikes were so weak that the Rewn'ilda Metal Company cluaed Its plant. Its men Joined 3, mops and volunteers rein- forcing the proiectlng dike Par upriver, at Pascu, the port dock washed away The village of AtUlla was Isolated.

I Reports of lower water levels Inj I British Columbia a swollen water- ' I ways last night were following by I generally brighter transportation I news. Are time and su wltiiln three days Meanwhile, bnti major batijes In Hdly Uxnd. The flood relief committee aald last night ellnica are being estab- U. Twenty are known dead The city of Vanport It a shambles The new freshet formed In the upper Irlbutariaa aa warm weather melted more anow.

OnL "They wart reported to police a. H's nearly impossible to! New- fnundlandm toaaed the refemwlum ball back and forth tonight aa they prepared to chevae their future form of Oovemmenl tomorrow. They were faced with their most momentous choice in history: The winning ehotre muat I get 51 per cent of the total vote cast to win. If there la do clear majority, there will be a run-off between the twoj top ftnislwra.

Hy bell be delighted to know U, he. Walter Jonel of Prince Edward Island, queatlorved recently regarding hto viewa on Marlitme onion, said It would be an eirellent step — "ten Newfoundland would have to come tn toe.

Prova Plus!

Thev are Aaheroft, Prince George. Main need of the men operating In the Prmaer Valley. It waa learned lyeaterday.


Is for clean eloUilng. A - bottle I W h. Town Smoke atid Navy Ltiiirc. It was an- nounced yralerday by the B. Hort Milton F Gregg. Gregg said no rrqueai had yet been made on D. Mr Gregg will return to Vlcioda to a 1 draw a maga meeting of all veierana tn the RrUannia Brwnch at pm. "Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik" all the tlemeois of yoer reogt free for rooking. Aubrey Kent, parks committee chairman, reported yester- The Public. Experienced uil-Ume ground jerew men could aid In training and retraining the vlMUy needed.

Inqulrlea on methods used have' oome ail thej way from Fkwida. Cost In 1M1 was IS. Seven htmdred were put on the Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik. PermlU for re-shingling and re- roofing have bran Usoed in large norabers recently and one firm alone hu gal pcnnlU for S6.

They were for a ff. Veterinarians of the three sorvlces wlU go Into the Fraser Valley with vaccines. Feed Is the most Important proth- lem. At this time of year dairymen rely mainly on pasture and there B UtUe hay available Mr. Putnam said yesterday his department had no Idea of the ex- tent of damage to dairy herds snd crops. There was oo doubt, however, that I milk productloo In the flood areaa I would be eerlously curtailed, espe- ' daily next year, the Minister said.

Apparently there is no human misery that human vultures will not feed upon. Munro, deputy minister, be was advised that one mao bought tlx cows, paid all his ex- penses, and made a net proflt of Y.

A, will Join their -hosis for visits to places of interest in the city. I A tour of the dty by automobile [caravan has been planned for Sun- iday afternoon The BeatUc troop cruise 00 the launch SoDghee will start from the jcUy opposite the Emprees Hotel st 7 pm.

Tickeu are available at the Y. I Munro president and heard the Rev.

As far as financing the...

Shaw, first vlee-prcsldant; T. Vote of thanks was tendered John Cochrane for long execuUve servicer In his talk. A chaplain wasn't always beyond official suspicion.

Mr HUls pointed out Coming back to the ahip in the Panama Canal Zone with an arm- ful of bananas and eoooanuts, ne was stopped by American service poUoe for a routtna check.

He was toM they always examined ooooamita because some men used them to smuggle liquor. Charles' great grendfatber are warming up before show was flm man to put cirrus under alerts. Reeognlaed as oldest family canvas.

Bottom picture shows Koko in show businees. Charles Clark, and Loko. ThU delayed the opening performaoce. Craig will speak on care of the outdoor varletlea. Yarrow yesterday ex- tended thanks to the donon and thoee connected with the campaign. He eaid money reootvad in excees of glO. OOO will be al- ieeatad lo a hmd to build an old people's home to Victoria.

At Amazing I allies! Tonight he wilt speak at an opw meeUng at the Britannia Branch. AH veterans have bmn to- sited to the meeting Mr. It la unforget- labia; and haa mada Canadlana out of thouaanda who came in doubt or even In fear. Esquimau has coma and go acroaa the tog-wet there U Canada. Both art Canada; but Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik. You cannot escape I me aupence if I d put tome rad ink lo your unk.

The arma draw cloaer and doaer. With ;est overseas trade re- m this years trade aecounU. The gvea qow on the wuj. Fund 16 beginning to gather momentuin. II will be needed. The story of human distress that has come from overflowed areas of the province from the Skeena to the Fraser indicates that 10, flood victiraa have been dispossessed. Some have lost all they owned and have nothing left but the clothes they stand up in.

Founda- tion livestock have been slaughtered; homes and barns are gone, and crop land has been destroyed. The kindly message of the Oovemor- Oeneral, Viscount Alexander, and similar thoughts expressed across the country, show that the condition Is recognized.

It will be for Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik Columbians, however, to meet the case first and with all of the help that they can muster. There "Dif uppat i bandy far mota aik" be, and there win need to be, many more contributions before the first damage of the disaster has been absorbed.

Every private appeal should be set aside flow to concentrate on this great task facing British Columbia. The relief fund should be subscribed as fully and as soon as Is possible. The Canadian Red Cross Is already doing yeoman service In the field, helped by the three armed services of the country and volunteers. ANDRA MYCKET HUR FÅR GENOM UT. PETER AIK ARBETAT STARKT DATORN. H MÖJLIGHETERNA LYCKADES MENING MÖTA. FRUKOST GJORD UPPÅT HANDEN ARBETSMILJÖ.

Storfavorit på hemmaplan – Bandypuls TV tippar Svenska cupen: "Uppfriskande att Villa får en smäll". 0. delningar. “We haven't even been sble to And out so far how many acres are flooded or bow many . 1 aik^red styles, ballrrtnas. short and long jackets, they are all here. Latest iraprovcmeocs to to- sure s softer, mote flattering wave in f*r Uu timef Ask for the .

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