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The Jewish Floridian Physical Description: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami. Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: Dates or Sequential Designation: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.

Related Items Related Items: Jewish Floridian of greater Ft. Jewish Floridian Palm Beach, Fla. Jewish Floridian of Tampa Preceded by: Jewish unity Preceded by: Jewish weekly Succeeded by: This item is only available as the following downloads: The and automatic rifle at- 25 of the persons arrival lounge dead and 72 wounded, at least 14 in serious condition.

Beirut guerrilla radio is- statement saying "Those eroes came thousands of lake part with the Pal- people in their struggle the forces of Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes erialism. The third man was at first believed to have escaped, but his body was found when the dead and injured were being removed.

Police said the three men Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes been passengers aboard an Air France flight which had just arrived. They pulled AK47 com- bat rifles and grenades from their luggage and opened fire immediately after reclaiming their bags. Transport Minister Shimon Peres, calling the attack "one of the most serious things in the history of aviation," pledged that the government of Israel will "take every step to fight this new madness.

Airport officials said that em- barking passengers and their checked luggage have been sub- ject only to spot checks, but hand luggage is always exam- ined, even during calm periods. The Boeing had departed from Paris with passengers, made a stop in Rome, and con- tinued to Tel Aviv with per- sons on the passenger list, but it was not immediately known whether the three terrorists had boarded at the point of origin or the intermediate stop.

Israel Satisfied With Communique Mrs. Kipn'n What's happening here As of today, we have commitments for This dramatic increase is in large part due to parlor meetings where women are invited by other women to th"ir homes. Here they have the opportunity to discuss the work done by Federation and the beneficiary agencies and Israel. While the large gifts are important to the success of our cam- paign, we're concerned with the smaller gifts as well and in reaching, on a personal level, each woman in the community.

So far we've had 41 parlor meetings with several more slated for June. Of the gifts that came in from parlor meetings, were from women who hadn't contributed to the CJA-IEF campaign before; so, the success of the face-to-face approach is evident.

As an example, a recent parlor meeting held at the home of Bunny Mrs. We're hopeful that this method will give these women an opportunity to give in this critical year. The real success and dynamic results of this year's Women's Division campaign is due to our personal approach to the Jewish women of this community.

We want people to give with an Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes standing of the human needs involved; because of this understand- ing, we have had more volunteers as well as more money.

We feel that women are the humanists in our society. And when they realize that Federation is in the business of helping and saving people they respond. For this we thank them. Jerome Kipnis Toby Mrs. The absence of any substan- tive agreement between the su- perpowers was welcomed by po- litical observers here but decried by Arab commentators as a sign that the Middle East issue is of secondarv importance to the United States and Russia alike.

The superpowers have appar- ently decided to let the Israelis and Arabs settle their conflict among themselves, Israeli ob- servers said. They noted that the Moscow communique con- tained only two major points continued support of Resolution and of the Jarring mission hy the two nations. It was pointed out that Reso- lutionthe Security Council's Nov.

Brezhnev, secretary general of the Soviet Corrr. Kis- sing'T n marked. Austria, where the presidential ntty slopped over enrouto to Moscow a week ago, Mr. Kissin- Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes told newsmen that the Presi- dent would look for an opoor- M'nity to raise the matter with those he was to meet in Mos- cow, i Pr. Kissinger told newsmen Monday, however, "You have to consider the problem of discuss- ing in an internal forum wont i ne -: An example of the efforts made by American correspond- ents to contact Jews and 'he fruitless results was the case of one reporter who tried 70 times to reach seven people by pho le without obtaining a single re- sponse, In Leningrad three LTS news- men managed to contact a local Jew, He promised to meet 'hem in front of the New National Hotel but never showed up.

The vicinity ol the hotel for blocks around had been scaled off by Soviet security Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes. CJF here this weekend.

The delegates from more than 65 communities in the United States and Canada will discuss the broad range of ongoing pro- grams and proposals from campaigning through public re- lations to social welfare needs that call for community and CJF action and which are gear- ed to strengthening Jewish com- munal service. In conjunction with these sessions, the first meeting of the Board of Trust- ees of the recently created In- stitute for Jewish Life is also scheduled.

Among the highlights of the four-day conclave will be an as- sessment of estimated final re- sults for the campaign as well as preliminary planning for the campaign. Additionally, the Campaign Services Commit- tee will evaluate the problem of "coverage" in the campaign.

The Committee will also explore community action on the problem of Soviet Jewry as well as the recommendations of the Subcommittee on Higher Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes in Israel.

The Board will Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes a report from the CJF delegation just returned from meetings with community leaders in Europe. Since the Uestion of Intrepre- tation did no; aitiC in the Mos- 1 ti. Some Arab countries are regarded as "gray areas" with no sharp delineation of Ameri- can or Soviet influence and it is considered likely that the Rus- sians Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes try to extend their influence there.

The question is how the United States will re- act. Moscow's failure to all off the summit meeting alter. Commentators in Libya main- tained that the only way to lib- erate the occupied Arab terri- tories is by war.

The same posi- tion was taken by the Cairo- based El Fatah radio. In addition, awards will be made to the school's Miss Harriet Pot lock will: Rabbi Charh g M. Rulx 1 will deliver an address and Cantor Jack Lerner will chant the service;the 1'on- Beth Am recently confirmed the largest class in the history of its existence; students had rom- pleted 10 grates.

At their gradua- tion exercises, the students pre- sented an original cantata, an original dance, and an original multi-media service. Students Present Cantata The 21 students in Beth David's Confirmation Class presented a cantata during Fridav evening services when they were confirmed firmation Class and the Junior 'last month.

Debra Adler, Jay Bernkrant. Judy Sandrew, Philip Shavhter. Won't you help the Home today by contributing items for resale at the Thrift Shop?

Do you have furniture, appliances, bedding, cameras, Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes, sporting goods or any other saleable merchandise which you no longer need or can use? Do you know someone, a friend or a neighbor, who is redecorating? Tell them about our Thrift Shop.

With increased operating costs, and public assistance payments in Florida the lowest of all states, the Home urgently needs your help to maintain its high quality care. May we count on your support? Just phone and arrange for our truck to pick up your merchandise. And remember contributions to the Thrift Shop are tax deductible. The Douglas Gardens family residents, Board and staff thank you. Douglas Road at S.

Pledges must be converted into cash," Rob rt Paissell, Federation president, declared. Sellg, chairman of the Federation's. The need for ,i-: He will assume his second term of office at a rime, which also marks the 20th inni- versary of the Greater Miami; Chapter of the AJCommittee. The 20th anniversaiy will be celebrated at a dinner and lance at the Doral Beach Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes Saturday evening where the founders "f the Greater Miami Chapter of the, AJCommittee will also be honored.

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Baron de Hirsch Meyer, firs! William Lehman, president of the school board and active civic: The AJCommittee is this coun- try's pioneer human relations or- ganization. It combats bigotry, pro- tects the civil and religious rights of people at home and abroad, and eeeks improved human relatioas for all. William Dean left president of the Florida Medical Association, is greeted by the hospital's executive vice president, Samuel Gertner.

Dean pre- sented awards to six physicians who had been designated as "Honorary Physician-Trustees. Complete Stock of Replacement Paris N.

Vivian Becker, director of the day camp program ;;t the 'Y. Om Brhrar Laasa Cadillacs. Ill Colors Choieo Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes Equipment. The right time and place for singles to meet informally. Sam Shulsky, syndicated columnist; Murray T. Reinisch, consumerist, president, National Shareholders' Assn.

Thomas, associate editor "Barron's". A film festival, photographic and art exhibit, souvenirs, wines, folkdancing. AR.3 SSitoi Soma Inti Xmert Services LU (M3(UF Bfa mHVtKMtS, GlA5to«2B Eg to Fir East 6 4 Hsfi m, HI 3S2l Sedan Uritadi HMtM. it Stuart Marshall enjoys a brief taste of the Brooklands goes and handles well. 12/SEPTEMBER 13 WEEKEND FT XI tio BOOKS/AUTUMN FICTION □ 1.

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The Jewish Floridian Specialist Description: Unanimous States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami. Notes Dates or Orderly Designation: Dates or Serial Designation: Secretly Knowledge Originator Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: All apropos rights strait-laced at near the fountain-head forming and holding point.

Allied Notes Correlated Items:

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The Jewish Floridian

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Tio ar sedan saddam hangdes

He was to receive the citation Thursday night at the 25 anniversary dinner of the orga nization at the Dupont Plaza Hotel. Luxurious twin-bedded rooms with bath. Hon a ecent gradu- ate of th 'rsity of Georgia. After that, they resign. Alan Bernstein, Alan Finkelstein. Friediand who previously as Women's Division vta ;'.

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