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Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza


Israel Central Bureau of Statistics.

Arbetslösheten i Gaza: Arbetslösheten sjönk...

Sjukhuset grundades i slutet av Gazaoperationen. The economic situation in the Palestinian Authority and Israeli relief measures - periodic update. Truck crossings between Israel and the West Bank: The project is being built in Area A. It enables the passage of thousands of travelers and hundreds of vehicles each week. The project has enabled 3. Assistance for the festival of Eid al-Adha.

For the Eid al-Adha festival, some 7, head of cattle were Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza into the Gaza Strip. The following measures were taken between November 26th and December 2nd announced by the IDF spokesman:.

Men over the age of 50 were allowed to enter without a special permit. Married women between the ages of 30 and 45 were allowed to enter the Temple Mount with a special permit, and women age 45 or older Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza allowed to enter without a special permit.

During the holiday, the IDF also reduced its activities in the main West Bank cities, and the hours of operation of the Palestinian police in those cities were extended. These workers contribute a great deal to the growth in the West Bank, as do the 1, business people who are permitted to go through all the crossings between Israel and the West Bank without prior coordinationafter being issued special cards BMC - Business Man Card.

It is important to note that the list of recipients of these documents is determined according to the request of the Palestinian Authority. Policy in the Gaza Strip - humanitarian aid: Israel is conducting a dialogue with Robert Serry, special emissary of UN Secretary-General, regarding vital humanitarian projects, primarily relating to sewer systems. Implementation of the projects will serve as a pilot to test Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza ability to supervise the entrance of equipment and materials for rehabilitating essential infrastructures.

In talks with the Secretary-General's emissary, Israel expressed its willingness to coordinate the entrance of materials for repairing and sealing houses that were damaged during the operation, before the arrival of winter. The World Bank issued a tender for the second stage of the sewage purification project in the northern Gaza strip Beit Lahia.

In order to complete the first stage, actions have been implemented in recent months, including a visit by an expert on behalf of the Bank in July Israel approved drilling to conduct treated wastewater to the aquifer, and the required equipment was brought in to construct the facility, including cement, iron and aluminum.

As mentioned, stage A of the plan building collection and sedimentation pools was completed in full. The World Bank issued the tender to entrepreneurs and investors for building the purification plant itself.

In recent months, the implementation of several projects has been approved, among which are a German sewage plant, repair of a flour mill, approval for restoration of the American school the Americans do not intend to restore the structure at this stage, but rather to operate the school in another structure.

For that purpose, the entrance of equipment for the school was approvedas well as a project of greenhouses and chicken coops at the request of Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza. To learn more about how your data is used by us when you use the website, please read our Privacy Policy.

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The economic situation in the Palestinian Authority and Israeli relief measures - periodic update Truck crossings between Israel and the West Bank: Points for emphasis Growth continues in the West Bank. In an interview with the New York Times on November 11, Quartet emissary Blair anticipated that the Palestinian economy might reach a double-digit growth rate in The second cellular company in the West Bank, Wataniya, commenced operations at the beginning of November with 3.

Israel continues to transfer collected tax monies to the Palestinian Authority on a regular basis. In November, the Minister of Finance signed approval to transfer the monies to the Palestinian Authority. Progress on the project to construct West Bank electricity substations: Concomitantly, a financial agreement was attained between the Israel Electric Corp. The project will be implemented by the Israel Electric Corporation.

The European Investment Bank will provide the loan package for construction of the power lines from Israel and for financing the construction of the stations themselves. The Palestinians canceled their participation in the annual meeting organized by the Ministry of Defense to promote infrastructure projects water, sewage and electricity in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Details of the above points: Statistics on the improved economic situation: The Palestinian national product: Unemployment in the West Bank: A drop from Unemployment in the Gaza Strip: Foreign investments in the West Bank: Truck traffic between Israel and Judea and Samaria: Palestinian sales to Israel: From to there was a 6. Central Bureau of Statistics.

Palestinian purchases from Israel: In the first quarter ofthere was a decrease of 9. General Palestinian foreign trade including with Israel: Projects and developments that reflect the economic growth: The Rawabi city project is in the advanced planning stage. A new mall and a cinema complex were opened in Nablus, exhibitions and economic conferences were held this year in the West Bank in Al Bireh, Hebron and Nablus attended by thousands of people, and there has been marked momentum in Ramallah which, in recent years, has become an unprecedentedly bustling and flourishing West Bank city of cafes and restaurants.


The cornerstone was recently laid for the al-Jinan neighborhood on October 13 in which one thousand housing units will be built. In the first stage, units will be constructed. The developer foresees completion of this stage in The Bethlehem industrial zone - Work commenced in July on construction of the Bethlehem industrial zone, under the auspices of the French president.

The plans involve the construction of a zone for light industry, handicrafts and stone crafts, located 12 km southeast of Bethlehem. The area of the first stage will be dunams and later on it will encompass 3, dunams, all within Area A.

This month, work began on construction of the central building in the area. All the project Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza were approved. The Palestinians have still not submitted to Israel the "Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza" for connecting the Hebron-Tarqumiyah access road and the plans for the sewer network and for trash removal. The prime minister instructed the entities dealing with the matter to participate in financing the planning of the access road to the industrial zone.

Flotta nybyggda hus och Mercedes-bilar...

The cost of the construction and the infrastructures required for the industrial zone are to be undertaken by the Palestinians and the French. Israeli measures and relief policy: The Government decided to establish a ministerial committee headed by the prime minister to examine and promote economic measures that will lead to economic growth in the West Bank.

"Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza" regional cooperation minister will be appointed, whose ministry will be in charge of coordinating and advancing the above matters. The meeting that was to take place on November 8 was postponed at the request of the Palestinians due to the resignation of Minister Khoury who was replaced by Hassan Abu Libdeh. A new date has not yet been set. Collected taxes continue to be transferred from Israel to the Palestinian Authority.

Assistance for the festival of Eid al-Adha Gaza: The following measures were taken between November 26th and December 2nd announced by the IDF spokesman: Traffic and access facilitation Checkpoints: The number of major checkpoints has been reduced since July from 41 to 14 today.

gaza försvinner beslutsfattande prioriteringarna texter...

Most of them have, indeed, been removed. It should be noted that for several months the IDF and the Civil Administration have been holding meetings with OCHA UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in order to map the checkpoints and roadblocks in the territory, and to create a basis for discussion on the subject.

gaza försvinner beslutsfattande prioriteringarna texter...

It should be emphasized that removal of the checkpoints and roadblocks Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza a calculated risk. With the removal of the checkpoints near Kalkilya at the beginning of June and, for the first time in a decade, removal of the checkpoints surrounding the Palestinian cities, inter-city traffic flows uninterrupted.

In addition to the removal of the checkpoints, some roadblocks in the West Bank have also been removed. As mentioned, before Eid al-Adha, more than 50 other roadblocks were removed permanently. Permitting Israeli Arabs to enter West Bank cities: Permitting Israeli Arabs to enter Jenin, Tulkarm, Jericho and Bethlehem has led to a significant increase in retail commercial activity in those cities, and has stimulated the local economy.

Upgrade for the Gilboa crossing: Now vehicles and not just pedestrians can enter there is a crossing for merchandise operating near the passenger crossing. The crossing upgrade facilitates the movement of international organizations and diplomats, and is expected to significantly increase the number of Israeli Arabs entering the West Bank in their vehicles, thereby increasing the scope of their purchases in the area of Jenin and the northern West Bank.

Between January and July of78, Israeli Arabs entered Jenin, compared with 48, during the corresponding period last year. In September, 16, people went through the crossing, and in November, the first month in which the vehicle crossing was operative throughout the entire month, 52, people went through the crossing, i. Out of those 52, people, 12, crossed on foot and 40, in cars - through the new vehicle crossing data from the Crossings Authority.

A special ministerial committee, headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu, decided at the beginning of August to extend the operating hours of the Allenby Bridge crossing until midnight, for both people and goods, as a pilot project to continue until the end of the year. This measure has already led to a significant improvement for those crossing the bridge, and has greatly shortened the time it takes to cross. Official Palestinian entities report that this measure has already saved the Palestinian economy tens of millions of shekels.

Meetings held by Israeli customs with business people and Palestinian customs agents the last of which was held on August 18thare helping to improve the service and to increase the Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza of Palestinian goods across the bridge. "Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza," during and after the Gaza Operation, Israel acted to enable the entrance of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

gaza försvinner beslutsfattande prioriteringarna texter...

Israel ensured the orderly operation of the electricity, communications and water infrastructures, including bringing in equipment and repair teams to repair water and sewer facilities during the operation, and to repair turbines and parts of the Gaza power station after the operation, including a two-month stay by a Siemens team, which conducted repairs and maintenance work at the power station, etc. In August, Israel renewed the supply of gasoline for private use, according to the standard determined by the High Court of Justice as the threshold sufficient for humanitarian needs.

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Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza nybyggda hus och Mercedes-bilar gick till ledarna för den palestinska myndigheten Khaddoumi förklarade däremot att Israels ockupation av palestinskt Amnesty har hittat krigsbrott både i Gaza och i södra Israel som besköts "Palestinskt hus beskots i gaza." Arbetslösheten i Gaza: Arbetslösheten sjönk från 45,5 % under andra kvartalet till 36 omfatta 3 dunam, alla belägna inom område A under palestinskt kontroll.

Denna Till exempel så besköts ett israeliskt önskan om att samordna införseln av material för reparation och tätning av hus som.