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Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati


Var fattas besluten i EU, egentligen? The big screen after a roll call vote [in ]. Click to find details about the vote at VoteWatch. Unfortunately, there is no way I can answer those questions, as the votes were done by a show of hands, and the exact results were not recorded. Strange as it may seem, this is how most votes Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati the European parliament are conducted.

The European institutions need to become a lot more transparent, if they want to have any chance of gaining the Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati of increasingly eurosceptic citizens.

The European Parliament is by far the best of the three institutions, and much more open and transparent than the Council or the Commission. It works just as you would expect. A big screen tells you which item you are voting at the moment, and you have a few seconds to press one of the three buttons for yes, no, or abstain. When the vote has been closed, the big screen displays the votes cast, both in numbers and with little green, red or white dots representing the individual members MEPs who took part in the vote.

For most of our votesthe electronic system is not used. The President then makes a judgement as to whether it was a yes or a no, and calls out his decision. We then redo the vote using the electronic system.

February 2019

After an electronic check the number of votes in favour, against, and abstentions are displayed on the big screen, but not the little dots representing the individual MEPs. No data on how the individual MEPs voted is saved in these normal votes, regardless of whether they are completed by show of hands where it would be impossible or electronic check where the data exists, but is discarded. In the majority of votes that are not roll call votes, neither citizens nor other MEPs can check how a particular MEP voted.

I think all votes in plenary in the European Parliament should be carried out as roll call votes except possibly minor points of order. This is a way to increase the transparency of the Parliament in a simple and straight-forward way, that can be implemented immediately and does not even cost any money.

The electronic voting system is already there and has been paid for, whether we use it or not. The standard argument against having all votes as RCVs is that it would take more time. I seriously doubt that this is true. The show-of-hands procedure is perhaps slightly quicker when everything goes smoothly, but if you add the time that the fairly frequent calls for electronic checks take, it often feels like it would have been quicker if we had done it all by roll call votes from the start.

There was a discussion in plenary in Strasbourg this week [in ] that resulted in one member asking for all the votes of a random report to be carried out as RCVs. The President granted the request, and it did not feel like the vote took any longer than it would have if we had voted the way we normally do. And even if it were to be shown that it does in fact take slightly longer on average, I think we should still use roll call votes "Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati" the time.

The Swedish national parliament has done so since it first got an automatic voting system, and I believe it is the same in national parliaments more or less everywhere. MEPs are elected to represent the people who voted for them. Of course Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati voters should have the possibility to check how their representatives are doing their job. To have all votes in plenary as roll call votes is a straight-forward reform to increase transparency in a concrete way.

The European Parliament can implement at no cost and without delay, it it wants to. Around noon, approximately emails from concerned citizens had arrived, but then they suddenly stopped appearing. I look forward Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati your confirmation that you share this view, and that you will take immediate and appropriate action to both solve the present situation and make sure it is not repeated in the future.

This email has also been sent by fax, to make sure it is not stopped by the filtering. I said yesterday in my blog post that I would be sending a letter today to the President of the European Parliament, protesting about the blocking of certain emails from citizens to their elected representatives.

I would have hoped to have sent this letter in the morning today, and I am still working on getting it sent today, but since I am working from home in Stockholm, I have run into a problem: The European Parliament blocks certain emails that I am trying to send from christian. Not all emails get blockedbut all my attempts to send my draft letter to the President to my office address have been silently blocked by the filter.

sen från vilken det...

This is of course only a guess, but still:. Welcome to the wonderful world of internet blocking in the EU. And to yet another demonstration of what censorship means in practice.

To clarify, I did the following experiment: Then the mail got through immediately. After this, I made yet another attempt to resend the same mail but with the original title of the report. This mail again disappeared without a trace, and with no notice given to either sender or recipient, just as it had on the previous two occasions. After this information became known to a wider audiencemany citizens have decided to contact members of the European parliament to express their views on this issue.

This is absolutely excellent. Citizens engaging actively in the democratic process is a very positive thing, at least in my opinion. Before noon, some emails had arrived in my office. But around noon, these mails suddenly stopped arriving. When we started investigating why this happened so suddenly, we soon found out: The IT department of the European Parliament is blocking the delivery of the emails on this issue, after some members Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati the parliament complained about getting emails from citizens.

This is an absolute disgrace, in my opinion. A parliament that views input from citizens on a current issue as spam, has very little democratic legitimacy in my opinion. I will be writing a letter to the President of the European Parliament to complain about this totally undemocratic practice. In the meantime, please continue to email members of the parliament on both the issue of the porn ban and on any other issue that you feel that you want to bring to the attention your elected representatives.

Citizens taking active part in the political process is a fantastic asset for a democratic system, not a spam problem. Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati am very disappointed that some of my colleagues in this house evidently have a different opinion.

Great Britain will hold a referendum on the EU in This is a good thing, but the rest of us Europeans should be given a chance to express our views in a referendum as well. The EU rapidly evolving towards an ever larger superstate under insufficient democratic control. The British referendum opens a window of opportunity to do something about this.

We need a new basic treaty for the EU to replace the current Lisbon Treaty. The new treaty needs to be adopted in a referendum, to give it democratic legitimacy. The Pirate Party does not have a ready-made proposal for what this new treaty should look like.

Instead, we have a proposal for how it should be adopted to get democratic legitimacy. If we can agree on the rules of the game first, it will get easier to have a constructive discussion about the contents of the new treaty later.

If we can agree from the outset that this is how the new treaty will be adopted, the treaty will automatically have to live up to certain minimum standards. It will have to be understandable, so that citizens can know what they are voting on in the referendum. It will have to be democratic, so that citizens want it.

And it will have to respect the subsidiarity principle and not move more power than necessary to Brussels, so that the member states will want to be part of the new EU. Who drafts the treaty will be of less importance with this procedure. No matter who does the drafting, the rules for adopting the new treaty will ensure that it is understandable, democratic, and only gives the EU as much power as people really want it to have. Hopefully, there will be many different proposals from different political parties and other actors.

Then we could have a broad debate about what kind of EU we want in the future. Britain will have its in-or-out referendum in The EU has until then to shape up, if it wants Britain to remain a member. But this is a good thing for all European citizens, not just the Brits. In the rest of Europe we are an additional million citizens who also want a more democratic EU.

To get this, we need a new treaty. It is excellent that prime minister Cameron and Great Britain has put pressure Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati the EU by giving a date for the British referendum. That gives us a concrete timeline to work with, and opens a window of opportunity for reforming the EU to make it more democratic, more transparent, and generally more sensible. The first step towards such a new treaty would be to decide that it will have to be adopted in two steps, first in an EU-wide referendum, and then by each of the member states that want to remain a member.

This will ensure that the new treaty has proper democratic legitimacy, and is acceptable to a majority of the citizens. It will also set the stage for a proper discussion about what we want the EU to be — and not to be. This is a discussion that we really need, and which is long overdue.

The plans for a British EU referendum in has opened a window of opportunity for all of Europe. Sidor A Kopimist Gospel — Book 1: This is of course only a guess, but still: We propose the following process for adopting a new basic treaty for the EU: A proposal for a new treaty is drafted, and all EU citizens get to vote in a referendum if they Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati that the new Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati is good enough to serve as the foundation for the EU in the future.

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The referendum should be held on the same day all over the EU according to the principle of one citizen, one vote, regardless of which member state they live in. Holding a common referendum in this way reduces the risk that the process is held hostage by any member state for purely nationalistic motives. Once the new treaty has been adopted in the big pan-European referendum, each country will decide if they want to be members of the EU according to the new treaty.

This decision can be made either in the national parliament or by a national referendum. This is an opportunity we must seize. Skicka till e-postadress Ditt namn Din e-postadress. Ditt meddelande skickades inte - kontrollera din e-postadress! Om du vill veta mer, inklusive hur du kontrollerar cookies, se: "Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati" hade ett lång rad EU-ledare bjudits in, bland annat Merkel och Sverige och Stefan Löfven var en av få som inte hade bjudits in.

tog de emot någonting, flyktingar från Brasilien (som kan Malena Ernman ska framträda tillsammans med Burmas folkorkester och sjunga Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati demokrati.

Framtiden för Europeiska unionen var redan tidigare en öppen fråga. Efter den att den kan tjäna som förebild för världen i dess helhet. Enligt den andra nen: För det första handlar det om konkurrens mellan EU och omvärlden. . Stöd för demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter blev också en tydligare del. LDhelmet performs statistical inference for fine-scale variable recombination rate estimation.

The source code and the recombination maps for.

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JAG HAR SLAGIT UR UNDERLAGE Var fattas besluten i EU, egentligen? The big screen after a...
Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati Atgs gava till haiti 1 miljon

Any good readings on relationship game? Lone Scherfig's THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS opens Berlinale · Six nominations for Film i Väst at European Film Awards · The ten films. Då ska man komma ihåg att zimbabwierna, som var ett förtryckt folk i många man har kört bort farmare ur landet, utan det handlar också om ett land som var Afrikas EU kan uttala att man vill se att presidenten tar steg i rätt riktning, och EU Det tydligaste kravet och utgångspunkten måste vara att demokrati alltid är en..

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Eu kan forhandla bort var demokrati

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February 2019

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